Date: 27th June 2018 at 11:00pm
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How did the referees do against Yeovil Town and Exeter City?

Yeovil Town (h): Eddie Ilderton:

Lowest: 6
Highest: 7
Average: 6.36

Luke Imp: “7/10.

Thought he did ok. Tried to let the game flow and got into their fullbacks early on for timewasting.”

Scotimp: “Not bad at all – 7/10.

He did allow Yeovil to waste a lot of time. Referees no longer seem to book offenders, preferring to add time on at the end of the half. That probably comes straight from the zombies at FIFA, and is as idiotic as the majority of their directives. Adding time on does not compensate for the loss of momentum and intensity in a game, which is one of Lincoln’s key attributes. All it does is give the offending side (often Lincoln) another 5 minutes in which to continue disrupting the flow of the game. Yellow cards are a much better way of dealing with it because it would stop it immediately and give the spectators a better game to watch.

On a similar subject, exactly what role do linesmen/lineswomen (sorry FIFA, assistant referee is dumb) play in the running of the game nowadays? The majority only ever seem to give throw-in and corner decisions, and very seldom try to notify the referee of much else. It was striking on Saturday how many fouls – particularly on Rhead – must have been visible to the linesman on the Co-op side, yet he did nothing about it. If we can see what is happening, surely the linesman standing directly in front of us can? Are they told to be good little boys and girls, and not bother the poor referee with their silly flagging?”

hulloutpost: “Thought he was a competent unfussy ref who let the game flow where he could. Don’t remember much about his mannerisms which is always a good sign so a solid 7 from I.”

Exeter City (h): Ben Toner:

Lowest: 0
Highest: 8
Average: 4.59

gijsbert_bos: “Yep despite my whingeing in the match thread he was decent for most of the game, didn’t make any howlers and kept his cards mostly in his pocket. 7/10 for me.”

Luke Imp: “7.5/10.

Lost it in the final 10 minutes of the first half, but went largely unnoticed.”

Rasenimp: “Thought he was a lot worse than some of these comments in the thread, maybe I need to see some of it again. Thought Anderson got wiped out (their left back ran across to block him)? He was then trying to claim he’d just stood his ground when talking to Anderson which it did not look like in real time at all. Not sure he really saw it. Thought it was bizarre no card for the really high foot or the late tackle on Green then throwing a yellow out for Palmer? I also thought it looked like a foul on Whitehouse…


Exeter City (a): Darren England:

Lowest: 1
Highest: 5
Average: 3.11

Scotimp “Very difficult to judge him, if what Danny says about the fourth official making the decisions is correct.

Got the big decisions wrong: our disallowed goal, Waterfall’s handball, the challenge on Rhead.

Impossible to give more than 5/10 on that basis.”

domski10 “Anderson was assaulted on two occasions and no booking although Bostwick sorted one of them later! On the whole a generous five as missed one penalty for each side and ignored a lot of fouls on Lincoln players.”

Merthyr Imp “I thought we should have had two penalties (or at least Whitehouse’s goal should have stood) and Exeter player should have been booked first half.


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