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January: Woeful Whistler Report

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January’s ‘Woeful Whistler Report’ for the games against Luton Town, Notts County, Barnet and Newport County.

We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had for their games against Luton Town, Notts County, Barnet and Newport County.

Luton Town (a): Nicholas Kinesley

Lowest: 6
Highest: 8
Average: 6.90

Jamesimp: “Obvious but still brave sending off early doors, Harry I’m afraid had to go, poor challenge when you’re on a yellow and everyone is play acting, none of his other decisions affected the game, lost it early on after the first red, but for me reclaimed everything as the game went on.


Stevie_imp: “No serious mistakes. The straight red and Harry’s second yellow were both correct and brave decisions. 6.”

berksimps: “7/10. No difficulty in giving him a highish score: two relatively brave and correct sending’s off. A hard competitive game to referee, not helped by the players being so pumped up for the top of the table clash. Missed a few things, but they all do; no catastrophic mistakes. Warned Danny about Rheady being likely to get sent off if he committed another foul.”

Notts County (h): Ross Joyce

Lowest: 0
Highest: 4
Average: 1.79

Gaz_Imp: “0. Assuming that`s allowed.

A video of that game needs sending to the FA and he should not be seen again in the football league again for a good while.”

Tomb Raider: “Garbage. One of the worst I’ve seen. Complete bottler. Slightly redeemed himself by booking their keeper for time wasting. 3/10.”

Luke Imp: “3/10.

First, the good. I thought he played some very good advantages today. Probably the best we’ve had in that respect for a long time and he did that for both sides. He also added a decent amount of injury time for Notts timewasting in the final 15 minutes although it took him a while to book their ‘keeper.

The bad – well, where to start. That Rhead ‘pen’ looked a pretty standard one to me. Their defender was caught wrong side and Rhead had no reason to go down.

I didn’t quite see what happened to their player who got booked in the centre circle. It looked like he may have raised his hands, so that could easily have been a red.

Clear trip in the build up to their first on Habergham on the byline, a clear non-foul by Green for our ‘goal’ considering Green was actually in front of their player!

He set his stall out early doors to blow up for everything and that impacted the game. I understand that both sides had some seasoned pros who manage games well (although not in the two minutes after they scored!) but even he must be embarrassed by some of the stuff he was falling for?! Stead hardly got fouled all game, but ‘won’ an awful lot just by exaggerating everything and running into people.”

Barnet (a): Tom Nield

Lowest: 2
Highest: 6
Average: 3.90

Impalex: “I concur with my fellow Imps; yet another poor performance from a distinctly below-average referee. As said most succinctly in the post above this one, we just want honesty and consistency. Simple.

3.5/10 from me.”

berksimps: “Not great, but not the worst we have had this season. 4/10.

A difficult surface for the players, it being so wet. Thought there were times he tried to let play go on but conditions meant it wasn’t possible. No problem if players get booked for dissent.”

Rasenimp: “5/10.

I think he reffed Rhead a bit poorly again but they defended him well. Apparently their centre half was more a of a languid playmaking midfielder so impressed with how he dealt with him.

Couple of soft fouls etc. he got wrong but nothing game changing in my opinion.”

Newport County (h): Scott Oldham

Lowest: 7
Highest: 9
Average: 8.11

Cambridgeimp83: “7/10. He had a decent game, strong without dishing out too many cards, didn’t get taken in when a couple of Newport players went down like they had been shot in the first half.

Let the game flow, wasn’t too fussy and I left the game talking about the match, not the ref, which is always a good sign.”

Impalex: “I thought he was superb and didn’t miss a trick. A couple of times one of their players rolled around like they had been poleaxed but Mr Oldham saw through it.

Probably the highest score I have ever given: 8.75.”

NottyImp: “8 for me. A proper Ref’s performance. Couldn’t really argue the cards and he let the game flow most of the time, keeping good control on a full-blooded encounter.

Some of the useless numpties we’ve had this season should sit down and watch that game – they might learn something.”

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