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March: Woeful Whistler Report

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How did the referees do against Mansfield Town, Chesterfield, Grimsby Town, Morecambe and Exeter City?

Mansfield Town (a): Graham Salisbury:

Lowest: 4.5
Highest: 7
Average: 5.5

Jamesimp: “I’ll start the ball rolling, added a lot of time on for the time wasting, should have given Rheady a penalty, was right to send Waterfall off, a ‘bitty’ performance


79imp: “Thought he was decent – not a homer, and firm and decisive when he needed to be (pity that included giving Waterfall a red card). 7/10”

PerthImp: “Mixed – did some good things but a bit ‘picky’ at times. 5.5”

Chesterfield (a): David Webb:

Lowest: 4
Highest: 6.5
Average: 5.08

plumbob: “Just about par performance for a League 2 referee. No game-changing decisions. Like the rest, he gave Rhead very little, and quite a few soft decisions both ways.


Eweimps: “4/10.

Not very good, a bit of a homer and gave us very little in the way of decisions with soft decisions given against us, nothing game changing though or it would have been a 3”

hulloutpost: “First half I didn’t know what he was or wasn’t going to give next; very inconsistent and definitely gave in Chesterfield favour. Apparently, Woodyard standing his ground was a free kick to them but completely smashing Green in the back with no chance of winning the ball was ok. Second half he improved so a 5 from me.”

Grimsby Town (h): David Coote:

Lowest: 7
Highest: 10
Average: 8.83

berksimps: “Potentially a difficult game in difficult conditions. Did very well, possibly helped by Bostwick and Rhead having to be careful.


NottyImp: “I’ll happily go with an 8.5. Seemed competent, in control, even-handed, generally correct and didn’t make any howlers. You can’t ask much more…”

impsimps: “9/10, kept a potentially heated game calm, fair, made it look easy. Only two deserved bookings, no game-changing mistakes, one of the best this season.”

Morecambe (a): Eddie Ilderton:

Lowest: 6
Highest: 8
Average: 7.06

Jamesimp: “OK so I’ll get the ball rolling, I thought he was a bit picky but got most of it right, couldn’t do anything about the time wasting, could have added more on though, Morecambe stifled the game.


Rasenimp: “Didn’t do anything tragically wrong but should have had a word earlier about time wasting. It was tragic having one minute added time after the first half and four at the end when the ball was off for about half of the game! Maybe he ‘couldn’t do anything about the time wasting’ but at least add the time on.

Someone needs to tell Morecambe about ball boys though. A revolutionary idea.


Cambridgeimp83: “6.5/10. Fairly decent on the whole but needs to get a watch that tells the time properly. To be fair, Morecambe where excellent at just being slow enough in everything they did without being that blatant it warranted a card. Still should have added some more time on though.”

Exeter City (h): Tom Nield:

Lowest: 1
Highest: 6
Average: 2.72

Snats: “3. He had no guts. Both teams time-wasted at will because they knew he wouldn’t punish them. And ruling out Palmer’s goal was ridiculous. Lucky for him that Ollie got the winner anyway.”

NottyImp: “He seemed weak, inconsistent and quite often just plain wrong. 4/10.”

UnbelievableJeff: “A distinctly below average performance. I thought he gave some intriguing decisions for both sides and I can see why he didn’t give the goal, mainly because he got a lot wrong, not because it was a foul…if that makes sense.

Not an easy game to officiate, but he made it look more difficult than it should have been.

A generous 4 out of 10. “

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Posted by Vital Lincoln City on Monday, 21 May 2018

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