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October: Woeful Whistler Report

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We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had in October, including games against Chesterfield and Swindon Town.

We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had for their games against Chesterfield, Cambridge United, Swindon Town, Cheltenham Town and Crawley Town.

Chesterfield (h): John Brooks

Lowest: 3
Highest: 8
Average: 4.94

Dreaming of McAuley: “A frustrating one, lots of whistle and some strange decisions regarding when to book players and when not to – 4.”

gijsbert_bos: “No complaints about the penalty from me or (m)any around me. He was too whistle-happy, though and seemed to give Chesterfield a free-kick every time one of ours challenged, yet let O’Grady get away with all sorts.

4/10 for me.”

Impalex: “Not the worst and not the best we’ve had. 5.5 from me. A few very poor decisions and even fewer OK ones.”

Cambridge United (h): Kevin Johnson

Lowest: 5
Highest: 8
Average: 6.33

Luke Imp: “Another easy game to ref, and I can’t say I really noticed him which is a good sign.


Dreaming of McAuley: “Very whistle happy but I don’t really mind as long as they don’t make howlers and are relatively consistent which he was for the most part. Unfortunately, as per, this consistency ends with Rhead. If a smaller player had his shirt pulled like Rheady we’d have had a few more free kicks. 6.5/10.”

PerthImp: “6.5. I thought he was pretty decent TBH. Missed a couple of things but nothing significant. Was on the ball for most of the decisions and let the game flow. No really tough decisions to make though.”

Swindon Town (a): Scott Oldham

Lowest: 5
Highest: 7
Average: 6.21

MaineRoad_96: “Missed a clear penalty when Gino was tugged back, other than that I thought he was OK. Having said that I’ve no idea where he conjured up 6 minutes of injury time.


Jamesimp: “6/10 overall a decent game, far from convinced Gino was brought down, I thought he tried to run down a blind alley, 6 minutes seemed a lot of ET, decent player management, kept up with the game, one petty yellow card on Eardley (from memory), the one on Bostwick was fair enough.”

Croozey: “7/10 had a decent game. allowed the game to flow most of the time although stopped the game on one occasion to give an offside against Swindon, when we had the ball in their half and going forward.

Lino didn’t flag when 3 Swindon players were in an offside position in our penalty area in front of goal when a Free-Kick curled in. Luckily it came to nothing.”

Cheltenham Town (a): Christopher Sarginson

Lowest: 0
Highest: 5
Average: 2.06


I hate coming on here after a game we’ve lost and seeing people blaming the ref whilst ignoring the players’ poor performances. Well! Today the players certainly could’ve done a lot better, but what was this guy playing at?! Unbelievable inconsistency, Any Lincoln player making contact with a Cheltenham player, immediate foul. At the other end, the Cheltenham strikers nearly had Raggett and Dickie’s shirts off several times, but apparently that’s fine.

Four minutes added on? Every time they wasted time, which was lots, he pointed at his watch to suggest he was adding it on. Come the 90th minute, he gives the standard 4 minutes. Was his watch working?

You really have to believe that these guys are calling it as they see it, no matter how much you disagree, today, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t like us.”

lindumimp: “Zero.

He was just OK for the first half. Second half he put on his Cheltenham goggles. Any firm contact with a Cheltenham player by a Lincoln player was deemed a foul. A number of obvious assaults on Imps players in their penalty area were waved aside, I almost dialled 999 to report them to the police. He dealt with the blatant time wasting most of the time by turning away and pretending it wasn’t happening. Raggs I think got booked for dissent following a bit of GBH on him. He increasingly got frustrated and had another outburst at the ref who called him across. It was an obvious second yellow and Raggs should have walked. He got that wrong too, totally inept!”

Stevie_imp: “4.5 as he was totally inconsistent with his decisions. The Raggett incident is almost funny (if it wasn’t us) as he was clearly pulled down and it was ball to hand and hand to ball.”

Crawley Town (h): Darren Handley

Lowest: 2
Highest: 6
Average: 3.69

PerthImp: “4/10 – difficult game to ref but he stopped the flow of the game too often, ignored several challenges on Imps players that could have been a FK. Having said that he could have given given a penalty for the Raggett handball.”

Impalex: “Well, I thought that he started the game very well and for the first 15-20 minutes looked to be spot on with his decisions and controlled the game well. Then things started to go downhill, especially with his blank refusal even to consider that Rhead might have been brought down in the box and instead of giving us what looked a stone-cold penalty, he gave them a free kick for a second incident. From then on, I fear he lost the plot big time, as so many refs in this league seem to.

Conclusion? Just a little better than Mr Stockbridge but not worth more than 3/10 for me.”

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