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August: Woeful Whistler Report

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We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had for their games in August, including games against Wycombe Wanderers and Carlisle United.

We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had for their games against Wycombe Wanderers, Rotherham United, Morecambe, Exeter City and Carlisle United.

Wycombe Wanderers (a): Graham Horwood

Lowest: 3
Highest: 5
Average: 4.4

Rasenimp: “3/10.

Refereed Akinfenwa and Rhead very inconsistently. Rhead was winning a lot of headers but often adjudged to be the player fouling whereas Raggett had the better of Akinfenwa and was constantly fouled, but it was never given. Maybe because Raggs never went down.

Lost control of the game and missed a lot of niggly fouls which then created the flash points. Incredible decision to give a foul when the ball was bouncing in their area and Green was hauled over, just wanted to give a foul but not a penalty!”

Croozey: “4. He was rubbish. Unfairly penalised us over and over again. No major errors. We will need to get used to the gamesmanship that goes on in the Football League. It’s at a different level to what we’ve been used to.”

Gaz_Imp: “4 – the decisions involving Rhead were shocking at times. Their defenders would bounce off him, hit the floor and get a free kick. No foul most the time, just out muscled. Rheads booking was a joke. At the same time Akinfenwa would have hold of Raggs shirt but cause Raggs stayed on his feet we got nothing. Only good point is he got nothing major wrong.”

Rotherham United (a – EFL Cup): Sebastian Stockbridge

Lowest: 2
Highest: 7
Average: 4.29

Rasenimp: “Ref 5/10. I didn’t think he was quite as bad as the above. I thought with that sliding tackle on the edge of the box he actually got the ball, and I didn’t spot the push on Green although one or two have mentioned it and it was apparently on the radio. He did well when warning Raggett before booking him, it was a borderline yellow but then when Raggs made a similar tackle it was straight out. He missed a dodgy looking aerial challenge on Bostwick, and gave several really soft free kicks towards the end that were fairly pathetically bought.

The lino though… give me the strength. Bloke in their left back position second half 1/10 – one of the worst throw in decisions I have ever seen. Bit of a joke the ref booked Palmer after it for his reaction (which spoke for all of us), because he should have been able to tell too.”

The Imposter: “The lino on the dugout side of the pitch in second half was atrocious. He even gave Millers a throw after the same player had walked the ball out of play twice in quick succession.”

Morecambe (h): Gavin Ward

Lowest: 3
Highest: 6
Average: 5.41

Scotimp: “Rhead almost had his short torn off, sometimes in large handfuls, without Mr Ward seeing anything wrong. Steadfastly shook his head as Rhead repeatedly pleaded for some assistance. He even managed to play an advantage when one of our players was in possession; the fact that there were four Morecambe players around him at the time didn’t seem to register in Mr Ward’s eyes.


NottyImp: “A slightly eccentric performance with respect to Rhead, but we all know Matt can look after himself.

Seemed determined not to give a yellow for anything, which in some ways is a refreshing approach. No real howlers, I suppose.


Plumbob: “6/10 for me. No game changing errors. Played some good advantages. Biggest puzzle for me is why he pulled up a couple of minor shirt tugs, yet failed to act when shirts were almost pulled off of players backs! Can’t remember if it was their 4 or 6, but one of them must have had 4 warnings over foul play, but no card.”

Exeter City (a): Craig Hicks

Lowest: 5
Highest: 7
Average: 6.08

evenstephen: “Solid first half but second half made some inconsistent decisions. 1. Booked Bostwick for his foul but only had a word with the Exeter player who fouled Eardley and then shoved him afterwards.

2. Allowed the home player to take a throw in five yards further forward from where the ball went out but when we did the same he blew his whistle and made us take it from the exact spot.


PerthImp: “Bit of a mixed bag – 6/10. Was in control most of the time but I think he was let down a bit by his linesman on one side (side the i-Follow camera was on) as he gave some completely wrong decisions on throw-ins. Thought he was a bit harsh with the Eardley booking as I thought he went for (and got) the ball, but not sure how clear a view he got or if he relied on his lino.”

Carlisle United (h): Eddie Ilderton

Lowest: 5
Highest: 7
Average: 6.16

impsimps: “When he missed the pen was really worried about him, but after that did not have a real complaint. Very lenient on Farman for his time wasting, the pen he gave was right in front of him, the bloke had to go. 7/10.”

Imp757: “Made a shocking decision early doors not to award a penalty for the blatant shove on Green. After that he made up for it with a decent performance. 6/10.”

Snats: “If their player got a yellow card for obstruction then Green should have done too, you can understand why the Carlisle fans and players were irate over that one. We’d have been furious had it been the other way around. Also should have given us a penalty in the first half, although he got the one in the second half correct. No game-changing errors though so I’ll give him a 6.”

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