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February: Woeful Whistler Report

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How did the referees do against Swindon Town, Cambridge United, Cheltenham Town, Crawley Town and Crewe Alexandra?

We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had for their games against Swindon Town, Cambridge United, Cheltenham Town, Crawley Town and Crewe Alexandra.

Swindon Town (h): Antony Coggins

Lowest: 4
Highest: 7
Average: 5.81

PerthImp: “Mixed feelings about the referee. Seemed to be doing OK then missed something silly. Didn’t go mad with cards – set his intentions early with Woodyard. I’ll give him a 5.5.”

impsimps: “Think he made it difficult for himself booking Woodyard in the first minute when words would have been enough. A bit over fussy at times but compared to some of the good and very bad recently, middle of the range, average 6.”

NottyImp: “6/10. I thought the early booking was a bit daft. I also thought he might have warned their ‘keeper first for time-wasting before the booking. Seemed to give some fouls that weren’t but didn’t make any major howlers. Some refs would have probably disallowed our second goal as the ‘keeper seemed to drop it and therefore “Must have been fouled”, but he got that right as well.”

Cambridge United (a): Darren England

Lowest: 5
Highest: 8
Average: 7.13

Jamesimp: “Thought he had a reasonable game, there were a few odd decisions, linesman on our side wasn’t helping.


Kentishimp: “One of the better ones we’ve had this season. Let the game flow and controlled the game well.

8 from me.”

berksimps: “8/10.

Thought he was good. No argument with the bookings, kept the game flowing, allowed hard but fair tackling, didn’t put up with exaggeration or play-acting.”

Cheltenham Town (h): Sebastian Stockbridge

Lowest: 5
Highest: 7.5
Average: 6.26

berksimps: “A good 7.5.

Barely disagreed with his decisions and for sections of the game hardly noticed he was there. A good balance between blowing for fouls, and playing advantage.”

plumbob: “Game of 2 halves. Thought he was excellent first half, letting the game flow. Ok second half, just thought he got a little whistle happy at times and a few debatable free kicks.


Impalex: “A surprising 6.5/10 from me. Apart from a few very odd decisions in the last 10-15 minutes, he had a more than a reasonable game.”

Crawley Town (a): Trevor Kettle

Lowest: 3
Highest: 6
Average: 5

Imp13: “4. No real control of the game and didn’t pick up Crawley’s time wasting. I think the physio came on four or five times, not including their player rolling on to the halfway line at half-time.

I’ve not seen the penalty again so can’t judge but the foul for the free kick for Crawley’s third was very soft.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to blame the defeat on the ref. The Imps as we’ve known recently didn’t turn up today.”

79imp: Nowhere near as bad as some are making out. 6/10.

Didn’t really see much in the way of ‘play-acting’ either. In fact, the only one I remember was Rhead going down for the usual Cowley time-out after about 35 minutes. Pot. Kettle (!). Black?”

berksimps: Tough game to ref, got most right although allowed their player to roll back on to the field when injured, which sparked a furious response from some of the Lincoln players.

Did not allow time wasting and penalised deliberate “professional” fouls with yellow cards.


Crewe Alexandra (h): Carl Boyeson

Lowest: 0
Highest: 6.5
Average: 3.66

Impalex: “The Rhead episode was laughable. If a player is not allowed to touch the referee, then the reverse must also be true.

Apart from that, I thought he had a good game and no bookings.

It’s just a shame we were so poor today…

Score: 6.5/10.”

NottyImp: “Yep, I forgot the Rhead incident. The ref absolutely cannot tell a player where to stand or man-handle him to make him do so in that fashion. Therefore, -2 = 5 out of 10 as a revised score.”

impsimps: “Thought he was generally poor. 3/10. Poor decision for the free kick for their first goal, the Rhead incident got out of control and caused mainly by him, the blue lot fooled him too many times for soft free kicks. Linesman Co-op side was hopeless, did he decide anything on his own apart from agreeing with the ref. Saying that the ref was poor he did not effect the result.”

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