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December: Woeful Whistler Report

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December’s “Woeful Whistler Report” for the games against Yeovil Town, Accrington Stanley, Newport County, Stevenage and Forest Green Rovers.

We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had for their games against Yeovil Town, Accrington Stanley, Newport County, Stevenage and Forest Green Rovers.

Yeovil Town (a): Lee Collins

Lowest: 6
Highest: 8
Average: 7.17

Stevie_imp: “Not a bad referee. Stopped the game a bit too much for my liking but to be fair he did blow for the obvious fouls on Rhead which makes a change. So a par 6 from me.”

Merthyr Imp: “7 from me. Don’t think he did too much wrong.”

devonexlondonimp: “Top drawer. An eight for me as I don’t remember anything controversial. Backed up Matt Rhead where others had bottled it.”

Accrington Stanley (h): Sebastian Stockbridge

Lowest: 0
Highest: 5
Average: 2.76

NottyImp: “He doesn’t really seem cut out to be a Ref, does he? Having said that, though, it was a feisty encounter and he at least avoided a full-on punch up between the teams.

I’m actually going to be generous and give him a 5 on that basis.”

Skip155: “Just to focus on 1 positive, Accrington had clearly identified Anderson as a threat. Every single time the ref awarded a free-kick against him they absolutely surrounded the ref clearly wanting Anderson off the pitch one way or another. Possibly their bully boy attitude bit them in the bum in the end… horrible team got what they deserved in the end.”

Impalex: “I have given this one a lot of thought with no gut reaction and have decided to give him a generous 2/10.

He handled the play acting particularly poorly, got many decisions wrong and maybe shouldn’t have sent their player off under the double jeopardy rule.”

Newport County (a): Brett Huxtable

Lowest: 2
Highest: 5
Average: 2.92

Jamesimp: “Looked out of his depth, I was really worried he was going to even up the sending off, some strange decisions both ways.


berksimps: “A generous 4/10. Established early on that he was not going to be sympathetic towards players who exaggerated when being fouled, after that it was pretty much downhill. Loved the attention and his whistle nearly as much as his food. Did he threaten to abandon after their fan threw the ball at the linesman?”

PerthImp: “2/10 – overweight, made the game about him. Yes, it was a difficult game to ref, but that’s what he’s there for – to take control but try & let the game flow. He did no such thing and was very inconsistent with some of his decisions. Not sure the red was a red – my immediate reaction was it was a bad tackle, but not violent or malicious – thought it was just badly timed and slightly ‘professional’. More of a yellow for me. Not sure about a couple of the yellows – thought they were a bit harsh.”

Stevenage (h): Carl Boyeson

Lowest: 6.5
Highest: 9
Average: 7.76

berksimps: “9/10 Let the game flow when he could, didn’t make a fuss made few errors. When arms were raised by Anderson and their player he calmed the situation and told them it was “Boxing Day” and gave them a warning. Quickly stopped the game when their player was seriously hurt. Best of the season so far, helped by some competent linesmen for once.”

Rasenimp: “6.5/10 for me, not as impressed as some other posters. Thought he contributed to stop/start first half. Can’t believe he gave a foul for the Bostwick tackle.

Second half was better.”

Impalex: “8.5 from me; excellent performance and no bookings. The best we’ve had this season at Sincil Bank.”

Forest Green Rovers (h): Martin Coy

Lowest: 4
Highest: 7.5
Average: 5.88

NottyImp: “I think he was a bit rubbish. Gave some decisions that were obviously wrong and missed a blatant handball and an absolutely blatant comedic shove by Rhead, amongst other things. His linos weren’t much better, although at least they tried to help him a bit. No howlers, though.


Dreaming of McAuley: “Some more bizarre decisions but not as obviously terrible as some. When you don’t give a free kick initially for a foul, but then stop play as the FGR player appears to be hurt, surely it’s a drop ball not a free kick?! Happened twice. 4.5/10.”

Luke Imp: “7.

I thought he had a good game, bar a whistle happy spell in the first half. Looked an obvious push/block on Vickers for their late disallowed goal and he spotted that very early and blew.

No clangers and not really a difficult game to ref anyway. Bostwick’s booking was correct.”

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