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November: Woeful Whistler Report

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We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees for the games against Crewe Alexandra, Coventry City, Colchester United and Port Vale.

We take a look at the ratings and comments received about the referees The Imps had for their games against Crewe Alexandra, Coventry City, Colchester United and Port Vale.

Crewe Alexandra (a): Craig Hicks

Lowest: 5
Highest: 9
Average: 7.08

Merthyr Imp: “6/10. Didn’t penalise Crewe’s goalkeeper in first half when he surely held onto the ball for more than six seconds, and Bostwick’s booking seemed very harsh. Played a good advantage at one point in second half.”

evenstephen: “He tried to let the game flow, wasn’t fooled by play acting and played the advantage well. Definitely wasn’t a card happy ref. 7/10.”

Stevie_imp: “Watched the full 90 mins on iFollow. Thought he was a decent ref. Got vast majority of decisions right. Bostwick was careless as he has been throughout the season. Slightly harsh but he got let off 3 or more previously in the game and had been spoken to. Goes with the territory being a combative strong midfielder.


Coventry City (h): Ross Joyce

Lowest: 2
Highest: 6.5
Average: 4.70

Cambridgeimp83: “4.5 Not the worst we have had but another who in my view was ‘managed’ better by the opposition Fell for the fake head injury tactic so many times, last ten minutes he was in their pocket.”

Luke Imp: “6/10.

No real clangers, but he loved a yellow card. It was a game that didn’t really warrant any.”

GreenNeedle: “5/10. Didn’t make too many bad decisions but like said above once he had stopped the play for “head injuries” twice you knew what was going to happen from that point on.

Also he stopped play the first time when we were about to put the ball back into a box with us on the attack yet decided it should be a competitive drop ball.”

Colchester United (a): Graham Horwood

Lowest: 0
Highest: 5
Average: 2.95

Impartiality: “He was awful and certainly a homer. Some of the decisions were mind boggling in particular 2 he gave when the linesman had not flagged and he could not possibly have had any view, one of those decisions seemed to be given on the crowds appeal.


robbochops: “2/10 Awful. Both bookings he gave were not even fouls and he was generally far too whistle happy.”

Impalex: “Why do we never seem to get a ‘homer’ ref?

This guy is not the worst I have seen this season, no that tag goes most definitely to Sebastian Stockbridge, but not good by any means. He made some bizarre decisions like the foul throw against Woodyard – never in a million years!

3.5/10 max from me.”

Port Vale (h): Andy Haines

Lowest: 2
Highest: 6
Average: 3.58

Snats: “5 from me, there were some odd decisions and I think he dealt poorly with some incidents, including the one near the end where he only booked Palmer and not the Port Vale player too. But he didn’t have any impact on the final result.”

Impalex: “Yet another very poor display by not just one, but all four officials. Even though we won, I still get so cross with so many very poor decisions. 2.5”

PerthImp: “Absolutely awful. Lost count of the number of times I thought there was a foul and he gave nothing but gave fouls when I thought challenges were 50/50. Went silly with yellow cards in the second half. 3/10.”

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