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Discussions regarding West Bromwich Albion and Danny Cowley over the last few days has made me think more about is the framework we now have behind the playing squad and how it’s something that needs to be continued and protected during any managerial changes we have in the coming years.

You would certainly hope that anything implemented through Danny and Nicky Cowley would continue and be a Club Framework managers are expected to fit into rather than ripping it all up and changing everything. Obviously, they might want to tweak things, and over time, newer and better things will come into play as well as people like Mike Hine potentially following Danny and Nicky Cowley.

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Some of the replies to this post:

Brendan Bradley: “Director of Football positions are meant to address that, but it’s nonsense because every club remains terrified of failure, and you can do all the succession planning you like but when something isn’t working…

That’s why there is no consistency over the type of managers linked with any open managerial position. It’s just assumed that someone with a track record of success will come in, sprinkle his magic pixie dust and get results.

The key question is always going to be – do you keep faith in the framework when you’re not winning? And if so, for how long?”

westbanker: “My view, for what it’s worth, once you have a successful model you promote from within. I don’t buy the ‘no managerial experience’ argument, my evidence is this.

A successful club and structure was built the manager retired and the job was given to the coach with NO managerial experience who carried on the work, he then retired and the job was likewise given to the coach, who then retired and the job was given to a current player. I am of course talking about Shankly, Paisley, Fagan and Dalglish, who all followed the same blue print and the same culture. I’m not for a minute saying we are like Liverpool, but promoting from within can work.”

Rasenimp: “There’s a lot around about how Watford’s model now doesn’t really matter which manager they have, they’re effectively just a ‘coach’, with other established staff within the club’s framework dealing with personnel etc to ensure they don’t make wholesale changes.

I imagine some managers will be less keen to work within those constraints, but football has certainly gone that way in Europe and it prevents a costly cycle of overhauls.

It seems tricky in this respect for us as with the Cowleys very much bringing in their people (former players, and players on their method) and they also seem to have their own links with various clubs. It might be hard to sustain that with a new management team (which I guess is what Luke is getting at…). Things like the partnerships with clubs we’d want to extend past DC?”

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