Date: 27th April 2017 at 8:53am
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The Referee for our 2-1 win away at Gateshead FC in the Vanarama National League was Peter Wright.

The Referee for our 2-1 win away at Gateshead FC in the Vanarama National League was Peter Wright.

Let’s take a look at some of the comments:

Woodis: “4 – wasn’t too bad, lost his way a bit towards end of first half. What an earth was he doing giving an offside from a throw-in. Yes the assistant flagged but the clue is in the title, the assistant is to assist, the referee makes the decisions. So if the assistant has clearly ballsed up then the referee over-rules. He didn’t. I’m also far from convinced about their pen, look where the ball goes to, again he didn’t give the assistant did. Many have said the right decision was made but not from the evidence I’ve seen.”

NottyImp: “I think a 5. The throw-in decision was awful. Both penalties would, I think, have been given by most referees and I don’t mind him using his lino to confirm such decisions if the lino has a better view (and he certainly did for our penalty).”

Scotimp: “3.

I have deducted 2 marks for the throw-in fiasco, which was an astonishing incident for a professional game. That he did it on television is all the more humiliating for him.

On two separate occasions he allowed Lincoln to play on after an infringement and then blew his whistle when the ball ran into a promising position – crazy stuff. Did he apply some kind of double jeopardy interpretation to the penalty decision, or did he fail to give Raggett a second yellow in error? He was later conned by an obvious Matt Rhead dive and gave a yellow to the Gateshead defender, and then failed to punish an equally blatant dive in the box by Burrow. I got the impression he wasn’t really following the game.

The fact that he has been refereeing in the National League for 4 years comes as a surprise, because he looked very green. It will be interesting to see whether he referees another game this season.”

Snats: “4. Doesn’t understand the offside rule or the advantage rule. Can’t wait until we get promoted out of this league and get away from these crap referees (although judging by the Real-Bayern game last night there’s no escape even at the highest echelons).”

UnbelievableJeff: “6 – Got the big decisions right. Deducted points for the off side – thrown in fiasco and also for not giving Raggs a second yellow for the foul that led to Gateshead penalty. It looked a penalty live, it was a penalty live and the replays show it was a penalty. Raggs was very very lucky he wasn’t carded for that, perhaps the referee thought the penalty was punishment enough. Also points deducted for not booking Gateshead chap for deliberate hand ball that led to our penalty.”

Lowest: 3
Highest: 6
Average: 4.80

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