The Stacey West Development Fund – DONATE HERE!

Image for The Stacey West Development Fund – DONATE HERE!

We (Vital Lincoln City) made a donation of £3,000.00 towards the EPC, and it’d be great if we could raise some money to donate towards the redevelopment of The Stacey West, rather than putting the money into the Bond Scheme. We have teamed up with, Imptoons, the Lady Imps Supporters Association, and Burton Road Chippy to raise money for this!

You don’t need a PayPal account to donate and you can also donate anonymously.

There are people that would like to contribute, but won’t be able to put in the minimum of £500.00 towards the bond, so this would be a great way to raise some money together and make a donation to this project.

Total raised so far: £7,855.652 (Donations: £4,685.84 (including £760.42 from Imptoons), Raffle: £2,051.68, Burton Road Chippy: £1,004.00 and Squad Signed 2016/17 Home Shirt: £114.00).


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