Date: 25th April 2018 at 9:51pm
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Views from Joseph Lovett after last nights 4-2 win away at Coventry City in League Two: “I’ve been to a fair few games in my time but that was one of the best. Incredible atmosphere from start to finish, incredible result and not a bad performance to boot.

Thought Coventry were one of the best passing teams I’ve seen and little surprised they’re not further up the league if I’m honest. They’ve got a handful of very good ball carrying players. In the first half every time they went forward they looked dangerous, particularly on the counter. We seemed to give them a lot of time on the ball and invited them on to us. I can’t quite put my finger on what the Cowleys changed at halftime, but it worked! As good as they were going forward, they lack bottle and have a fairly substandard defence. In fact, their full backs looked far better going forward than defending.

On to the important stuff. I thought we were magnificent last night. Palmer was brilliant considering he’s not a natural winger/wise striker, but he didn’t half look faster and fitter than ever. He has so much desire and belief and is really turning in some performances. That little flick through ball for Whitehouse….. just delicious. There were a few times where he looked a bit lost in the defending aspect but he certainly improved during the game. As has been said Freck had a quality match. Rheady was superb, their defenders couldn’t handle him. Coventry fans can moan all they want but they won’t have seen many better goals than that thunderbolt. I know I haven’t.

Wharton looked decent at fullback. Started a little bit shaky but he looked more than comfortable at the end. I’ve said it before, but I think he’s got one of the best touches in our team and easily the most composure. Also, I like Wilson at centre back. You couldn’t really tell he hadn’t played 90 minutes in a couple of months. His added pace is very useful as well. Could Sam struggle to get back in?

Thought Bossie looked a bit knackered all match, but still did okay. Woodyard everywhere.

Now if us and Accrington can agree on a point on Saturday, wouldn’t that be great.”

Reaction from 100% Imps & Social Media:

PerthImp: “If I was a Coventry supporter I’d probably feel like some of them do. But I’m not – I’m a very proud Imp (and have been for 48 years). The bottom line is we have one of the best management teams in English football at the moment. We may not have the ‘prettiest’ team but we have a team that doesn’t know the meaning of defeat and is so full of character and belief and willingness to give their absolute all for ‘team Lincoln’. Very simply, DC’s hand was forced to an extent by injuries, but ultimately he produced a “team” and tactics that were at the Ricoh to do a job – and they did it superbly. Sorry, Coventry – it may not have been pretty but it was a lesson in how to win when it matters.”

hulloutpost: “I must admit I was worried how narrow we were going to be before the game with no wingers in sight, no matter how good Eardley is at finding space and timing his runs. The flip side is that we had six physical monsters in the air that dominated defensively and attacking plus as Croozey points out the freedom for Freck to get forward without Whitehouse in the side (no offence against Elliott BTW) and added insurance of the Boss behind him. When DC said he would look at who was available and pick the best 11 for the tactics he wasn’t kidding. A tactical masterstroke and astounding physical effort from the whole squad.”

Thank you to Graham Burrell and Lincoln City for the photograph!

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  • If it’s not sacrilege…I must say I enjoyed the Coventry occasion more than Wembley! Proud to have been there….

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