“I would rather win the FA Cup and it’s not even a close contest.”

And now for the third and final set of answers, this time provided by someone else called Harry:

How long have you supported Everton?

All of my life, 20 years.

Where did you finish last season?


What do you think of your Manager?

Needs time, built a good squad already but still needs better attacking options and needs to get them playing good football.

What are your hopes and expectations for this season?

Hopefully break into Europe at 7th. 8th bare minimum.

One(s) to watch?

Lucas Digne, Andre Gomes and Richarlison.

Who do you think will finish in the top 4?

Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea.

Who do you think will finish in the bottom 3?

Cardiff City, Fulham and Huddersfield Town.

What are your thoughts on Lincoln City?

Standard League 2 team (sorry!), who I don’t know much about, but capable of nicking a result if we’re not careful.

What do you think the score will be?

3-1 to Everton.

Random fact about your Club?

First club with a purpose-built stadium, Goodison Park in 1892.

What are your proudest and most embarrassing moments as an Everton Supporter?

Always the work the club with raising money such as sleeping out at Goodison to raise money for houses for the homeless and the support they have Bradley Lowery gives me so much pride. Most embarrassing have been a few 4-0 losses to Liverpool in the past few years.

Who would you say is your most underrated player?

Lucas Digne.

Do you have a Supporters Trust and what role do they play at the Club?

There is a Supporters Trust. Their Twitter account is @EST_1878.

Which was your favourite FA Cup match involving Everton?

FA Cup semi-final penalty shootout win vs Manchester United 2009.

Which was your least favourite FA Cup match involving Everton?

Beaten at home to Wigan 3-0 in the quarter-finals 2013.

Do you have a Former Players Association at Everton?

Not sure.

What sort of strength squad will the Toffees play against the Imps?

Possibly a rotation but not full. Maybe some players too good for the bench but not good enough for the starting 11.

What’s your view on David Moyes as a manager?

Did an amazing job with Everton. Consistent positions with virtually no money to spend. Took us from the relegation side we were at the time to a solid 7th, 6th position team.

Would you rather win the FA Cup or qualify for the Champions League?

Win FA Cup. We haven’t won a trophy since 1995 and we would get nowhere in the Champions League without being embarrassed.

What do you think of Scudamore getting a £5 million pay off when grassroots football is starved of funds?

Horrible move when there’s so much potential in young grassroots footballers. The Premier League only cares about foreign talent. If Scudamore had any decency or morals he’d have turned it down.

Do you take any interest in football outside the Premier League or have any knowledge of lower league clubs?

Huge fan of Valencia FC, have done for many years. Very closely follow La Liga and Bundesliga.

The Board has agreed, in principle, to a move from Goodison to new 52,000 seat stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. An application for planning consent is due to be heard this year. Are you in favour of the proposed move and location? How important is it to Everton Football Club?

Definitely. Goodison Park is such a special place but it’s nowhere near today’s standard. Very old and outdated. If we want to move forward we need to modernise the club and a brand new stadium will attract so much from players to fans and tourists.

As Liverpool (or should I say Everton Athletic) fans routinely refer to you as The Bitters, how friendly is the Friendly Derby?

Has become rather lacklustre in recent seasons for Liverpool as they have their sights set on different things. In the Moyes days, it was much better as we were only maybe 1 or 2 places behind them so a win was a must. However, the fans on the social media are always at it no matter what.

Has 7th become the ceiling for Everton? Can the top 6 be broken? (regularly not one-off or occasionally.)

Sadly it appears that way but it goes back to what I said about giving Silva time. We’ve had 3 managers in the past 3 years. We need to strength every position and either give Silva time to do what he need or throw a lot of money at a top class manager. We can definitely be a frequent top 6 team as long as the board, manager and scouting team know what they’re doing and what they need to do which at the moment isn’t happening.

Posted by Vital Lincoln City on Thursday, 3 January 2019

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