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Who Are Ya? – Salisbury City

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Interview with a Salisbury City fan

This week we talk to Mark, a Salisbury City fan.

Who Do You Support?

The mighty Whites Salisbury City FC.

How Long Have You Supported Them?

5th season now for me and my whole family.

Last Season’s League Finish?

Play off final winners Promoted.

What Do You Think Of Your Manager?

Mikey Harris, the youngest manager in the national leagues of England! Mikey is City through and through, having been here for 10 years now (and he is only 28) player, coach, assistant manager and now the gaffer. Mikey is a very astute and driven person, but a thoroughly nice guy. Obviously 3 games in and zero points the pressure was on, and I am sure a few mutterings of too young etc. were being spoken in the stands. But 7 points from 9 in the last couple of weeks and there is a different feeling about.

Hopes/Expectations This Season?

Answered this question for a national website before the season started. Had us top half, perhaps squeezing in the playoffs as a surprise package. However, the reality of just how tough this league is now has started to sink in. I do expect us to steer clear of any relegation battle. But more than that and I will be in dreamland. I think somewhere mid table is realistic, but hey who knows.

Player(s) To Watch?

Defending machine James Clarke has been outstanding so far, Ben Wright has the best right foot outside the premier league (apparently). Robbie Sinclair ex Stevenage also can rip teams apart.

How has your start to the season differed from your expectations?

We Lost!

Thoughts on the difference between Conference South and Premier in terms of styles of play, ability, pace etc?

The Prem is a step up on all of those. But the biggest change is players don’t get the same amount of time on the ball, teams press much quicker. What we had to learn real quick was if you make a mistake in this league, chances are you will be punished. In our first 3 games, 2 of those we lost due to our mistakes. We seem to have ironed them out now, and yes 7 from 9 and only one conceded says it all. Pretty much all of our squad has played Prem or higher in the past, but one season in the Conference South and I guess you adjust to that.

Top Five Predictions?

I would have FGR and Luton eventually fighting top spot. Wrexham, Imps, Barnet, Kiddy and Grimsby fighting for the other 3 play off spaces. Oh unless we creep in!

Bottom Four Predictions?

Welling, Woking, Hyde and Tamworth.

Thoughts on Lincoln City as a football club?

Hey I can still hear the BBC guy reading out the final scores week in week out. A much bigger club than us that’s for sure. But as we have never played you I can’t say much more. Certainly will have a lot more to say after Saturday!

As Salisbury have never played Lincoln in a competitive game, what are your expectations of the day?

To watch my team defending for their lives for 89 min then go and nick a last minute winner. I am sure it will be a great experience for those of us that make the long journey up.

What do you know about Lincoln as a city/Sincil Bank etc?

Not a lot if I am being honest. but doing my research before we travel up, I am really praying the traffic is good to us so we get some time to have a look around, looks a beautiful place. (But we do have a taller spire than you!)

Score Prediction?

On our forum I went for 2 v 2. Hopeful maybe but we do have goals in us.

Random Fact(s) About Your Club?

Never lost a play off final. Demoted from this league 3 years ago and then 2 promotions in 3 seasons to get us back. Certainly in 2010/11 we must have been the lowest ranked full time squad in the UK. Now I reckon we are the smallest full time club.

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