Date: 22nd March 2018 at 4:53pm
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I was browsing Football Web Pages the other day and I saw an article called “Which rule changes would you like to see in football?” on the Sky Sports Website as part of “Support The Ref” week.

Which rule changes would you like to see in football?

So, I thought I’d ask the same question on 100% Imps!

Ex-Ref: “Bring in “Sin Bins”. At the moment the only beneficiaries from a player being cautioned are future opponents of the offender. There are many games when four, five, six or more players receive cautions. This means that the team that has been offended against never gains any kind of advantage.

Also, some players may decide to pick up cautions in order to play in an unimportant fixture next time out. They serve a ban and then come back for the big match the following week.

Lots of room for debate here.”

Luke Imp: “Get rid of yellows for celebrating a goal (unless you’re stood in front of the away end and drop your shorts or similar!).”

79imp: “I have a few:

– dump VAR
– red card for any foul and abusive language towards the referee
– yellow card for any other dissent

Let the referee do his job rather than technology getting involved, and make his life easier by not hurling abuse or questioning every decision made. Rhead’s behaviour in the last few games should be his standard, not just because he was one yellow away from a ban (and how many of those yellows were for dissent… I’d take a punt on at least 75% of ’em).”

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