Date: 6th December 2012 at 8:39am
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Here’s what our supporters had to say after Tuesday’s 2-0 defeat at home against Woking in the Blue Square Premier.

‘No disrespect to Woking but these are the sort of games we should be winning at home, especially when you look at our fixture list all the way up until February. I know you can’t win them all but we’ve lost a lot of the said to be ‘easier’ home games! Wonder what mansfield think of this result. Let’s hope we can bounce back.

I blame the manager of the month curse!’

‘Really was as bad as it gets tonight. I don’t buy the excuse that players minds are on other games, if they are they want dropping. Good teams and good players would have really relished tonight, but we looked half hearted, no cohesion, back to lumping the ball aimlessly – the hardwork isn’t done because we have had some success in the FA Cup. Hopefully this will wake one or two players up.

I felt we missed Fofana in midfield tonight, Woking totally dominated that area – and I am sorry to say even though he is the skipper Gary Mills is so far off the pace it is unbelievable.’

‘Absolutely dire tonight. Only Oliver looked like he was actually bothered. I’d cancel Morgan’s loan if he’s going to act like that when given a chance. Can somebody please tell Farman that he’s allowed outside his 6 yard box, and that if we’re losing he doesn’t need to take 5 minutes to take a goal kick??!!’

‘Is that what they call a ‘cup hangover’?

Very poor showing. Bassele(sp?) doesn’t appear to know what football is and behind him Gilbert had his worst game in an Imps’ shirt. We missed the bite of Fofana in mid-field and their pressing game hurried us into mistake after mistake. Even Taylor looked off the pace.

We need to up our game significantly to stand any chance against the Stags.’

‘I’m afraid that our last three games have proved that changing a winning team is wrong, regardless of the circumstances. We’ve lost all of the rhythm and style that we were showing during the winning run. Just proves how fragile the confidence and mental attitude of our young side is; the players have shown that they’re good enough, and DH has proved that his system can work and play free-flowing attacking football, however, if a couple of changes for one game is all it takes for things to completely fall apart, we’ve got to worry. I’d like to see some experience come in. An experienced replacement for Smith, and one for Mills, and we could not only hit the type of form that we showed recently, but perhaps maintain it for a little longer.’

‘Missed Fofanas bite in the middle, Mills had another shocker, we also missed Millers calming effect an the back, all 4 defenders to slow against anyone with any pace.’

‘That was terrible, back to the bad old days. Don’t know where to begin to be honest – so many poor performances, but Gilbert and Bassele in particular were shocking. Bassele looked like he’d never seen a football before. As for Gilbert…I was almost wishing John Nutter was on our bench. Morgan, Mills were also shocking in our non-existent midfield, and Boyce’s distribution is horrific. I’ve no idea what was going on but we just didn’t turn up. Shocking, and I hope this gives them a kick up the arse for Saturday as we need to get something with some tough games coming up or we could find ourselves back in the relegation zone again.’

‘Bassele looked like he didn’t know what to do, he was trying to play in his own half most of the time. I know he is young but please, never again.

To be honest I haven’t seen anything from Morgan since day one. Forest’s next big hope for the future? Hmmm. I could sit here and slag all of them off but it is one game, we have had a good run, there’s a lot to look forward to, so I am putting it down to one of those nights.’

‘Can’t really complain too much about the changes.

Miller was apparently injured so nothing we can do about that, and Adam Smith has been poor the last, well, 20 odd games. The suprise for me was Fofana being ‘rested’, although he did look as though he was struggling in the final ten on Saturday.

As bad as Adam Smith is, Basselle took it to a new level. Deary me, what a waste of a player that was. Knackered after 10 minutes, not strong enough, poor first touch and wouldn’t track back. If there was ever a definition for a DH player, he’d be the complete opposite. Might as well send him back now.

Morgan strutted around the place thinking he was better than he was and refused to play simple balls.

Garner looked dodgy to me. Gilbert had his worst game in a Lincoln shirt, Taylor got no service at all.

All in all, we just didn’t do what we’d been doing in the previous 12 games or so. Build-up play wasn’t quick enough, didn’t work the channels well enough and decision making was terrible. There were two or three times we were 2 on 1 on the right hand side and we stepped inside back into traffic.

Hopefully that’s just ‘one of those games’ we’ve got out of our system.

What it did show even further is that we can’t rotate too often (at the minute anyway), particularly in CM. We’re not *that* great with a first choice pairing in there.’

‘On Bassele: I’m going to give him a bit of slack. He’s very young and was making his league debut in a match where all his team mates were ‘off message’. I think he was caught in possession a few times but on a number of those had been given the ball in a thankless position. He did put through one excellent pass for Power on one of our rare first half forays into the Woking penalty area.

In addition, I had defended Mills’ role in the side last week speculating he may be the on-field leader despite the fact he was a possible (probable) weak link as a player. I was annoyed to see that after 10 minutes when Bassele did get caught into possesion Mills gave him a right bollocking. That is probably not what a young player needed under the circumstances, especially coming from a player whose own performance left a lot to be desired.

Nicolau probably would have been the better option last night but I would not want to be too hasty in dismissing Bassele this quickly. Smith has had numerous more chances…’

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