Date: 9th January 2013 at 2:48pm
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Here’s what some of our members had to say after Tuesday nights 4-2 defeat against Southport in the Blue Square Premier.

‘I can’t believe how bad we are at the back, unbelievably bad. Can’t continue with shipping the amount of goals we have this season.’

‘Let’s have some positives: Taylor’s back on the scoresheet, which’ll hopefully be the start of a decent scoring run, Platt’s made a comeback (although I’m not sure he’s any better than what we’ve already got), and errr, that’s about it.’

‘Platt has never impressed me, fails to deliver the killer pass, pulls out of tackles and doesn’t beat his man enough. My opinion of Holdsworth has not changed from the day he walked through the door, not good enough and not 100% sure he knows what he is doing. I also said during our 10 match unbeaten run that we are still in a relegation battle and it sure is looking that way. Then again if we don’t or can’t afford to pay the wages to attract decent footballers then what do you expect……a very very below average non league football team.’

‘With Thomson ineligible for Saturday’s game, we really need to bring a player or two in before then. It’s starting to look like another season that we can write off as soon as we (hopefully) reach 50 points. Treading water in non-league football. Ugh.’

‘We keep blaming the defence but we have got to start being honest with ourselves, no midfield, the strikers are either involved or totally out of the game so defence is constantly under pressure, so we are going to concede goals.

No team will keep clean sheets when they have no midfield.’

‘Holdsworth NOT happy. Never heard him this mad before. Said he could have taken seven/eight players off and admitted he hauled Taylor off because he wasn’t playing well.’

‘Its perhaps no surprise that since we haven’t been fielding the same team every week that our form has gone wayward. I know at the moment we are unable to do this due to injuries, but even before all the injuries I think we can pretty much pin point our drop in form to when DH started changing up the team to rest key players for games. I think this lack in consistency has really come to bite us in the bottom (and we didn’t really benefit in these key games did we!). We’ll struggle to get any cohesion with players coming in on one month loans. On the other hand, we do need to get new plays in to sure up our defence.’

‘I went tonight and I have to say it was one of the most open games of football I have see in a long time. It could easily have been 8-8 as we couldn’t defend the high ball and their defence couldn’t defend against pace.

The first 2 goals were just down to poor defending. We didn’t look a tall side tonight and with players out of position we never looked right against some decent set pieces. That said, a more confident keeper would have claimed both free kicks but Farman looks shot at the moment.

Their 3rd goals was a quality strike. Player looked up from 30 yards and saw Farman off his line and just hit it. However, the ball should have been in their half but we cluelessly lost possession when on the attack.

We certainly could have scored before they did and had the best of the early chances. Even at 3-0 down we had plenty of opportunities to get back in the game. We hit the bar twice, Taylor had one cleared off the line, Larkin should have scored when clean through, Nicolau also had a good chance and Boyce was clearly fouled for a penalty.

Going forward we looked ok (possibly because they weren’t very good). Defensively we looked shot. I couldn’t understand why Gray was play centre half and Miller right back. Didn’t make much sense to me.

I thought Reg was wrong for subbing Taylor. Although his passing was a little off he was working hard and was more likely to pop one in than the rest of them.

For me, this season has always been about getting in the top half and I will be happy if we do that. I think we have a decent team if everyone is available but not much in reserve. I hope we can keep the good and promising players and gradually ease out some more deadwood for next season. To be honest if we can win a few more it would be nice to blood some more of our own youngsters towards the end of the season (instead of signing journeymen) just to see if they have some promise. But we are a long way from that just yet.

Wasn’t impressed with Thompson. Seems to want to play the creative role in midfield but we already have Power to do that. We badly need Mo back.

Bush looks like he is some way short of fitness to play at full back. He’s a big lad though.

On the positive side, the team did keep battling. Robinson was a handful at times, Oliver gave it everything and Power (despite one glaring lapse in concentration) drove us forward.

Some tough games coming up but we have proved against Grimsby and Wrexham that we can play against the top sides but we need to get some bodies back.

I hope Reg is locked in a room without a telephone for a few days. His old habit of bringing in large numbers of players seems to be resurfacing. We were at our best when we had a settled side and he should know that. I am aware of the injuries but lets use our squad not loanees that are no better.’

‘We also went – would concur largely with your report – but would emphasise that you can’t give a team a 2 goal start, score 2 goals and miss at least 4 golden chances – we should have won that game 6-4.

On the individual player side – Farman has lost confidence and needs to be rested; Miller needs to partner Boyce in the centre of the defence – we need Gilbert back quickly as he is a steadying influence; Bush looks a big lad if a bit off the pace and we may need one or two bruisers – built like Bencharif; Thompson grew into the game but we missed Sheridan badly for his work rate; Oliver needs more work on his work rate, his aerial ability and his ball control – but scored a good goal; Robinson shouldn’t be playing as a starter yet, he is not strong and rugged enough – we should start with Larkin – the wily old war horse; Taylor and Power were the pick of the pack – Power in particular; and Platt made an appearance and got stuck in which was a positive.

Good football game for the neutral but not if you were an Imps fan – although we enjoyed the night out!!’

‘I was there, all credit to those who went from Lincs as its a long midweek trip to ‘West Skegness’ and a depressing night & trip back.

KeithKeithKeith and Harbymuskham pretty well sum up the match and individuals as I saw it, also can’t understand why Miller and Gray have been swapped, if its to put an older head alongside Boyce it ain’t working, which suggests Boyce might be part of the problem at the moment?

Gilbert, Fofana and Sheridan all badly missed. Not really impressed with Thompson, tried hard enough but tackling from the Paul Scholes school is a red card waiting to happen – 2 bookings in 2 games?

Agree should have started with Larkin, his intelligence/experience showed once he was on. Thought he’d be on for Robinson though, who ill suited in the Sheridan role though he’ll have learnt from the 90 minutes. Taylor carrying a knock or the bug that seems to be going through the club?

Played our best when Power got most involved and he instigated some good moves. Some of the misses were frustrating, they’ve hit a period of failing to convert chances in recent games. Taylor put a good early chance wide, Miller had a header from a free kick which really should have been on target, couple of encounters with the woodwork. Larkin’s chance was an excellent save by the keeper.

Agreed Farman needs a break and rebuild of confidence, his kicking’s gone to pot again as well. Lack of confidence contaminating the back 4 who were woeful for the first 2 set piece goals, poor header from Boyce led to the third, they were all ripped apart for the 4th.

Boyce’s penalty shout and aftermath was comedy highlight – there was contact so the ref got it wrong, but Boyce made a meal of it, a diving BSP centre back is not an elegant sight. Red mists descending, he then went to tackle the Southport player with the ball, arriving 2 days after the ball had gone. Southport lad does the full drama queen routine, more rolls than a baker’s shop, broken leg at least. Full handbags followed, booking for Boyce, meanwhile even his own players seemed to be telling ‘victim’ to get up, which he duly did without treatment. All very Amateur Dramatics night compared with Suarez etc.

Can’t understand point of Bush for a months loan – big lad who may have some football skills for this level, but clearly needs to work on fitness (and then his shorts might stay up), by the end of the month he might be worth putting on the pitch.

Good to see Platt being given a few minutes, looking fit and eager and not shirking challenges.’

Match Report: Southport 4-2 The Imps

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