Date: 19th January 2018 at 9:53am
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Thank you to Barnet supporter Peter for answering these questions!

Thank you to Barnet supporter Peter for answering these questions!

How Long Have You Supported Barnet?

First game was 1987, so 31 years now.

Last Season’s League Finish?

Further up the table than where we are currently!

What Do You Think Of Your Manager?

We don’t have a manager, but we have a new Head Coach! It’s an interesting appointment, been controversial with even the most supportive of supporter, but time will tell whether Graham Westley can turn around our season and with it fans views.

Hopes/Expectations This Season?

Hope to finish mid-table, in reality the expectation is to, yet again, survive in the Football League by the skin of our teeth.

One(s) To Watch?

Always Akinde. The star man, not got going this season due to injury and the playing style of the previous managers/head coach but hopeful Graham Westley will get the most out of him.

Top Seven Predictions?

In no particular order; Luton Town, Notts County, Wycombe Wanderers, Exeter City, Coventry City, Swindon Town and Lincoln City.

Bottom Two Predictions?

Forest Green Rovers and Yeovil Town as I’m not considering the idea it could be us.

Thoughts on Lincoln City?

Won’t mention the 80s, which tarnishes the view! Thoughts on Lincoln at the moment is it is great what the Cowley Brothers have done to the club over the past few years, seems there is a buzz about Lincoln severely lacking amongst Barnet fans at the moment, proven by the fact you’ve sold out your end for this weekend.

Score Prediction?

Punch drunk, going to spoil your day out, Westley to become our hero overnight and we’ll win 4-1!

Random Fact About Your Club?

John Motson is a Barnet fans and attends games regularly.

What are your proudest and most embarrassing moments as a Barnet Supporter?

Proudest: The turn out of fans and noise created at Old Trafford in the League Cup.

Embarrassing: The two idiotic streakers during our relegation decided against Torquay. Greg Heald, captain at the time tried to kick one, reckon if he’d connected the bloke would have sailed over the stand like an Eddie Stein cross.

Do you have a Supporters Trust and what role do they play at the Club?

Long saga of the Supporters Association merging with a break away Barnet Trust only for it to all implode, so now there is no real fans body. There is an informal group that meets the club occasionally but we lack good fan engagement.

Which was your favourite match involving Barnet?

Halifax in 2005 when we got promoted. The celebrations in the pub down the road from Underhill packed out with fans, players and management until the early hours will be a day never to be forgotten. The game was good too.

Which was your least favourite match involving Barnet?

Carlisle at home in 2001 a short while before we got relegated. First time Id ever walked out a match early. The relegation game v Torquay shortly after is also up their at least favourite. I had to miss the more recent relegation away at Northampton.

Barnet is another term for hair. Do you see your club as short-back-and-sides or more of a mullet?

I’m bald so not the right person to ask about hair.

Do you consider yourself a ‘yo-yo club’?

No, just one not yet fully established as a League club!

Given how successful The Hive apparently is from a money point of view, that success doesn’t seem to translate itself onto the pitch in terms of player recruitment?

We’ve spent fairly ‘big’ by League 2 standards over the past few windows, and big by the clubs standards for the last 15 years, mostly helped by the income from Gambin to Luton along with Martin Allen + others to Eastleigh last Winter. Hasn’t quite worked out into a winning squad yet – ‘quite’ might be a bit of an understatement bearing in mind the League position.

You signed Ben Tomlinson from us 3 seasons ago, but I gather it wasn’t a successful spell?

He never settled in the south or in the team. Sometimes it just doesn’t work

Why hasn’t a Club taken Akinde from you? His record is basically 1 in 2 but no-one seems to have had a serious go for him.

He’s on a very good contract and the Chairman wants top dollar for the star man who would be very hard to replace. Still shocked, based on his record that a League 1 or struggling Championship club hasn’t taken a punt.

You have a relatively new Stadium. Aside from the location issue, and for a Club like ourselves who hope to be moving Stadium soon, what would be your dos and don’ts in your experience of The Hive?

For Lincoln fans, do get in the away end early, the Bar facility is second to none in League 2, it’s new this season, although for the size of the space the bar is a bit on the small size so whoever goes to the bar stock up to save queuing again.

Akinola’s transfer didn’t quite happen. How’s he done for you since then?

Didn’t get a look in when the window first closed but has been in the side a bit, mostly from the bench.

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