Date: 18th January 2018 at 2:56pm
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Thank you to Barnet support Matthew for answering these questions!

Thank you to Barnet support Matthew for answering these questions!

How Long Have You Supported Barnet?

21 years.

Last Season’s League Finish?


What Do You Think Of Your Manager?

HAHAHAHA. Don’t think I can say as kids may read this.

Hopes/Expectations This Season?

Just to survive.

One(s) To Watch?

This season, very hard to pick as most have under performed, but Jack Taylor.

Top Seven Predictions?

The 7 as they stand.

Bottom Two Predictions?

Barnet and Forest Green Rovers.

Thoughts on Lincoln City?

Very well run team. Can we have your manager? PLEASE!

Score Prediction?

A Barnet loss.

Random Fact About Your Club?

We hold the record for most non-league titles with 3, only a matter of time and it will be 4.

What are your proudest and most embarrassing moments as a Barnet Supporter?

Said it before, proudest winning the league to get back into the Football League. Embarrassing every-time we got relegated.

Do you have a Supporters Trust and what role do they play at the Club?

Not any more.

Which was your favourite match involving Barnet?

We beat Farmborough 7-1 back in 2005.

Which was your least favourite match involving Barnet?

Torquay at home. We were 3-0 down at half time where we needed to win to stay up. We lost 3-2.

Barnet is another term for hair. Do you see your club as short-back-and-sides or more of a mullet?

We are a mess right now, so I’d say we are more like top-knot. We just look ridiculous on the pitch.

Do you consider yourself a ‘yo-yo club’?

Unfortunately, yes.

Given how successful The Hive apparently is from a money point of view, that success doesn’t seem to translate itself onto the pitch in terms of player recruitment?

All the ”money” goes into the pecking order. It’s more about the clubs image than results.

You signed Ben Tomlinson from us 3 seasons ago, but I gather it wasn’t a successful spell?

I was very excited when we sign Ben Tomlinson but injures didn’t help and we never got to see them best of him.

Why hasn’t a Club taken Akinde from you? His record is basically 1 in 2 but no-one seems to have had a serious go for him.

I guess he’s very happy with us, for now!

You have a relatively new Stadium. Aside from the location issue, and for a Club like ourselves who hope to be moving Stadium soon, what would be your dos and don’ts in your experience of The Hive?

DON’T! Take the heart out of the club but moving away from where it’s home is. Don’t treat fans like customers. JUST DON’T DO IT!

Akinola’s transfer didn’t quite happen. How’s he done for you since then?

Before the window is closed, I’d put money on it that he joins Lincoln this month, but he has worked hard just getting on with his football. When picked!

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