Date: 16th September 2020 at 7:03pm
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Following last night’s 5-0 win away at Bradford City in the Second Round of the League Cup, setting up a home tie against Premier League Champions Liverpool in the Third Round, I asked the Vital Lincoln City members what three things they learned from the match.

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Here’s what NottyImp said:

1. Someone on here wisely commented that: we look like a proper L1 team. And, even though we’re still a work in development, they were right. We don’t look like a L2 team that has just been promoted. If that continues, it would be a remarkable achievement by MA under arguably very trying circumstances., both in terms of how/when he took over and the pandemic.

2. Harry Anderson continues to develop and offers strong, direct running that can be really valuable, especially on the counter. Most teams response to this so far has been to hack him down. He could be a key player for us this season *if* he maintains his form.

3. We’re about to play Liverpool in the 3rd Round of the League Cup. That’s astonishing. Let me say that again. We’re about to play Liverpool in the 3rd Round of the League Cup.

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Lincoln City

Lincoln City



Here’s what Scotimp said:

1. Michael Appleton is starting to lay the ghost of the Cowleys, and that is no mean feat. There were some supporters – some of them on here – who barely gave him a chance. However, he is making some special memories of his own out of some very testing circumstances. The job he has done in converting an ageing League Two championship squad into one capable of competing with the best in League One should not be underestimated. Getting rid of all but one of that squad inside a year was a bold move, but is already showing signs of paying dividends.

2. There are goals all over this team. While many of us feel Anthony Scully is a 20-a-season man, there is loads of support from elsewhere. Scorers so far:

2: Montsma (centre-half), Scully (striker)
1: Anderson (winger/striker), Jackson (centre-half), Jones (central midfield), Hopper (striker), Morton (striker)

3. The difference in standard between Leagues One and Two is significant and may be widening. Bradford were crude, hopeful and wasteful while Lincoln were incisive, ruthless and clinical. It was an object lesson in how to use possession effectively and how to manage a game. We have come a long way in such a short time.

And finally, here’s what Retimp said:

1. We look food going forward with goals from anywhere and everywhere in the team. This takes the pressure off the centre forward.

2. Need to defend balls in to the box better. Although we scrambled it away, don’t appear to have a centre half who is dominant. Against a Rotherham (for instance) we would struggle.

3. We will benefit from no crowds as no specific home advantage from that. We can adapt our passing/counter-attacking style to our benefit. Impressed with the way we kept our shape and use our fitness to go deep into games.

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"We're about to play Liverpool in the 3rd Round of the League Cup. That's astonishing."…

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