Date: 8th June 2016 at 9:01pm
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Here’s hoping I get them all right this week…

Here’s hoping I get them all right this week…

1. What was ironic about Manchester City’s record 11-3 win over Lincoln on 23 March 1895?

2. What connects ex-City players Paul Casey, Matt Sparrow and Liam Hearn?

3. What Lincoln City distinction is believed to be held by Colin Collindridge?

4. Who holds the distinction of being the first City player to be sent off in a Football League match?

5. The last FL visitors to their old ground were Lincoln City, and the first FL visitors to their new ground were…Lincoln City. Which club am I talking about?

6. Which former Imp played his first game in over 8 years on 30 January 2016?

7. In which season did Lincoln win 3-0 at Field Mill in the FA Cup?

8. Which legendary striker scored a hat-trick against City in 1953-54, one of 5 hat-tricks he scored that season?

9. Which poor sod played in all 51 matches in City’s first season back in the Conference, 2011-12?

10. Besides being scored by a defender, what was unusual about Sean Newton’s hat-trick against Alfreton Town in the FA Cup 4th qualifying round replay on 28 October 2014?

Usual deadline – Friday 6pm.

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