Date: 28th May 2015 at 8:25pm
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The latest Questions from Scotimp!

1. Against which club did City score 63 goals in less than 3 years?

2. What do Allan Hall, Phil Cartwright, George Whyte, Harold Riley, Rex Clayton, Joe Clare, Walter Ponting, Jason Kabia, David Puttnam and Grant Brown have in common?

3. Gordon Hobson was Lincoln’s top scorer in the 1980s with 75; who was second with 44?

4. In which year did Lincoln contribute to ground records at both Manchester City and Manchester United?

5. What is Jimmy Hutchinson the only player in City’s history to have done?

6. What age did the Gillingham programme for the match on 1 April 1991 give for City goalkeeper Mark Wallington?

7. ‘Would the Lincoln City fans please stop stamping ther feet – bits are falling off the main stand.’ Where was the main stand?

8. Which City manager scored on his only appearance in a Lincoln shirt?

9. In 1982-83 season, Lincoln’s players held a team meeting and decided to reject the club’s proposal to cut bonuses. What specific reason did Deranged Ferret give for the rejection?

10. Name the ground; which City manager scored a winner here?

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