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Mansfield Town, who were very popular opponents during WWII. In the period between 30 March 1940 and 30 January 1943, the complete record was P13 W11 D2 L0 F63 A20.

1. Against which club did City score 63 goals in less than 3 years?

Mansfield Town, who were very popular opponents during WWII. In the period between 30 March 1940 and 30 January 1943, the complete record was P13 W11 D2 L0 F63 A20. The run included 5-0, 6-0, 7-2, 8-1, 7-1 and 8-1 wins. There was a further 7-2 win in October 1943 that is not included in the above figures.

2. What do Allan Hall, Phil Cartwright, George Whyte, Harold Riley, Rex Clayton, Joe Clare, Walter Ponting, Jason Kabia, David Puttnam and Grant Brown have in common?

Very surprised no one got this one. They all scored goals in matches for which the results were later expunged. Hall (2), Cartwright, Whyte and Riley (2) all scored in the two games against Wigan Borough in 1931-32; Clayton (1), Clare (2) and Ponting (3 – a hat-trick against Gateshead) all scored in the first three matches of the abandoned 1939-40 season; and Kabia, Puttnam and Brown scored in a 3-0 win at Aldershot on 14 March 1992 as Aldershot headed for oblivion.

3. Gordon Hobson was Lincoln’s top scorer in the 1980s with 75; who was second with 44?

George Shipley.

4. In which year did Lincoln contribute to ground records at both Manchester City and Manchester United?

1895. Both relate to goalscoring. Lincoln’s 3-11 defeat to Manchester City at Hyde Road on 23 March 1895 remains both our record defeat and their record victory in terms of goals scored; it is also the most goals ever scored in a Second Division match. Just 8 months later, City were back in Manchester visiting neighbours Newton Heath at Bank Street and drew 5-5 on 16 November 1895; this is still the highest scoring draw for both United and Lincoln.

5. What is Jimmy Hutchinson the only player in City’s history to have done?

He is the only player to score a hat-trick at Sincil Bank but finish on the losing side, which he did in a 3-6 home defeat to Bradford Park Avenue on 4 December 1948.

Three other players have scored hat-tricks for City but finished on the losing side in away games: Jack Haines in a 3-5 War League defeat at Barnsley on 9 December 1944; Tommy Cheetham in a 4-8 defeat at Accrington on 31 May 1947; and Dixie McNeil in a 3-4 defeat at Mansfield on 26 December 1973.

6. What age did the Gillingham programme for the match on 1 April 1991 give for City goalkeeper Mark Wallington?

88 (he was actually 38 at the time).

Apologies if I have the wrong match; I couldn’t find the programme but remembered (perhaps wrongly) that it was Gillingham.

7. ‘Would the Lincoln City fans please stop stamping ther feet – bits are falling off the main stand.’ Where was the main stand?

Park View Road, Welling United, on 16 January 1988.

8. Which City manager scored on his only appearance in a Lincoln shirt?

David Herd, who scored the first goal in Lincoln’s 3-1 win over Crystal Palace in Trevor Meath’s testimonial on 5 December 1972. With the exception of Dave Smith, the Lincoln team comprised guest players including Tony ‘Bomber’ Brown (who scored), Stoke legend Terry Conroy (who also scored) and future Imps boss Allan Clarke (who was a total failure that night, which set the tone for his later period as manager).

9. In 1982-83 season, Lincoln’s players held a team meeting and decided to reject the club’s proposal to cut bonuses. What specific reason did Deranged Ferret give for the rejection?

Next to a photograph of some pretty shabby-looking City players leaving the meeting was the caption: ‘ ‘We need the money for some new clothes’, they claim’.

I’ll try to dig it out for you later, it was very funny.

10. Name the ground; which City manager scored a winner here?

Molineux, Wolverhampton Wanderers. Wolves centre half and future City manager Shane Westley scored the only goal of the game in the Littlewoods Cup first round first leg match on 22 August 1989. Wolves won the second leg 2-0 to win 3-0 on aggregate.

The photograph shows the South Bank before it was replaced by an all-seater stand in the 1990s. In its heyday, this embankment held 30,000 and featured an air raid shelter underneath it.

Well ladies & gents, that’s it for the weekly quiz, for now at least. Many thanks for your support throughout the season, I hope it has stimulated some memories and helped spread some less than common knowledge about our great club.

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