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This is something I should have published a few weeks ago, but I just wanted to have a bit of time away from the Front Page after a busy Season!

Home Goal Of The Season:

Nathan Arnold v Ipswich Town: 16 Votes – [51.61%]
Terry Hawkridge v Macclesfield Town (Second Goal): 2 Votes – [6.45%]
Sam Habergham v Torquay United: 7 Votes – [22.58%]
Adam Marriott v Tranmere Rovers: 6 Votes – [19.35%]


Impalex: “Has to be Nathan’s brilliantly worked goal Vs Ipswich.”

impsimps: “Voted for Habergham because it was a great goal in the context of the game and the season, where our chief aim was promotion and not to win The FA Cup.”

Scotimp: “Terry against Macclesfield. Such an important goal, and so well-taken. Very similar to his goal against Dover.”

Away Goal Of The Season:

Sean Raggett v Burnley FC: 1 Vote – [2.78%]
Nathan Arnold v Gateshead FC: 28 Votes – [77.78%]
Sean Raggett v Forest Green Rovers: 5 Votes – [13.89%]
Theo Robinson v Ipswich Town: 1 Vote – [2.78%]
Joe Ward v Boreham Wood: 1 Vote – [2.78%]
Alex Woodyard v Forest Green Rovers: 0 Votes – [0%]
Macauley Bonne v Tranmere Rovers: 0 Votes – [0%]


Impalex: “Only one option, Nathan Arnold at Gateshead; sublime finish!”

takeyourblueshirtoff : “Nathan. Unbelievable calmness and Premiership-quality skill. Screamed like a kid for ages despite being a laid-back 54 year old. Knew promotion was ours at that moment.”

Scotimp: “Arnold at Gateshead. I knew immediately that we were going to win the title.”

Best Atmosphere:

Ipswich Town (a): 15 Votes – [55.56%]
Arsenal FC: 3 Votes – [11.11%]
Macclesfield Town (h): 2 Votes – [7.41%]
Ipswich Town (h): 3 Votes – [11.11%]
Burnley FC: 2 Votes – [7.41%]
North Ferriby United (h): 0 Votes – [0%]
Solihull Moors (a): 0 Votes – [0%]
Maidstone United (a): 0 Votes – [0%]
Forest Green Rovers (a): 0 Votes – [0%]
Torquay United (h): 1 Vote – [3.7%]
Brighton & Hove Albion: 1 Vote – [3.7%]


Impalex: “Ipswich away was pretty awesome. Burnley came close.”

abebaby: “Ipswich away for me but Burnley was a close second.”

Chesterimp: “Macclesfield Town at home, we rocked Sincil Bank and we won the League.”

Favourite FA Cup Game:

Arsenal FC: 0 Votes – [0%]
Ipswich Town (a): 4 Votes – [18.18%]
Burnley FC: 12 Votes – [54.55%]
Ipswich Town (h): 6 Votes – [27.27%]
Oldham Athletic: 0 Votes – [0%]


Rob the Imp: “Ipswich (home). That goal; it’ll live long in my memory.”

Snats: “Burnley. Best day ever.”

Scotimp: “Ipswich away for me – biggest away following at Portman Road since conversion to all-seated in 1992. The noise was incredible, the singing didn’t stop for 2 hours solid.”

Comeback Of The Season:

Forest Green Rovers (a): 19 Votes – [70.37%]
Gateshead FC (a): 7 Votes – [25.93%]
Torquay United (h): 0 Votes – [0%]
Brighton & Hove Albion: 1 Vote – [3.7%]
Guiseley AFC (h): 0 Votes – [0%]
Forest Green Rovers (h): 0 Votes – [0%]
Macclesfield Town (a): 0 Votes – [0%]


Scotimp: “Has to be FGR away, changed the direction of the season for us and for them. We never looked back, they never recovered.”

Rasenimp: “I guess it’s FGR but I did love Gateshead away. Magic goal from Nathan and we were so so poor for most of the game! Didn’t see it coming somehow after we had done the same the week before and had we drawn or even lost that game I think the run in would have been real edge of the seat stuff.”

Cricklewoodimp: “Forest Green away, because of what it meant. Absolutely pivotal moment of the season.”

Best Goal Celebration:

Nathan Arnold v Ipswich Town (h): 1 Vote – [5%]
Josh Ginnelly v Woking FC (h): 1 Vote – [5%]
Alan Power v Brighton & Hove Albion: 8 Votes – [40%]
Nathan Arnold v Gateshead FC (a): 2 Votes – [10%]
Matt Rhead v Dagenham & Redbridge (h): 4 Votes – [20%]
Sam Habergham v Torquay United (h): 2 Votes – [10%]
Sean Raggett v Burnley FC: 2 Votes – [10%]
Lee Angol v Forest Green Rovers (h): 0 Votes – [0%]


Scotimp: “Sean Raggett at Burnley: tried to run in 6 different directions at the same time, then collapsed instead.”

Rasenimp: “Rheady v Dagenham, hadn’t scored for a while, important goal and classic Rhead celebration really haha.”

geejay: “The simple fact that for a moment nobody knew what to do. I thought he was going to run round in circles until he collapsed on the turf near the spot where he scored.”

I will start the Polls so that Part 2 can be completed over the next few days!

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