Date: 17th August 2017 at 6:10pm
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Some interesting bits, some not so interesting…

Very straight bat on Raggett, something has happened but he couldn’t talk about it. He said it has been ‘resolved’ this afternoon, but things could still change. He said ‘he’s not travelling with us’ to Exeter in a slightly weird, coy way (Su then asked if that meant he was travelling there himself, but seems not!)

He said we might need to bring in more than one player depending on what happens with the Raggett deal. Which made me maybe think he might be loaned back, but it wasn’t clear.

We were meant to play Doncaster on Tue, they couldn’t play but now Barnsley this Tuesday. They want to use Slew in it and Habergham. Sounded like he was happy-ish with Slew’s trial spell, pace and power.

Waterfall 100% fit and trained all week. Ginnelly sounded more questionable, has trained a bit but didn’t sound nailed on to me.

Training at Bristol City for the Exeter game. ‘3 Hour’ travel rule, where if it’s less than 3 hours they go on the day, more they look to stop somewhere. Looking forward to it, good facilities etc.

Exeter good manager good team etc. Have some good technical players but can also hit Wheeler on the diagonal and Reuben Reid is quick and powerful.

DC decides who shares rooms when the players are away…