Date: 19th November 2019 at 6:35pm
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Following Saturday’s 1-0 defeat away at Gillingham in Sky Bet League One, we asked our members what three things they learned from the match.

Here’s what sedgleyimp said:

1. As per what many others have said the value of our two first-choice central midfielders, O’Connor and Morrell is even clearer when they are missing. These two players are the glue in our team and have developed a fine understanding between themselves. Both are willing to get stuck in to break up the opposition play but also have the requisite skill to unlock defences. When one is absent we are weakened. When both are absent as per yesterday we can be very poor in that department. This is no slight upon Chapman, who is still learning the game nor Pett who is still coming back from a long term injury but Gillingham were able to control that area of the pitch yesterday in a way I suspect they wouldn’t have had O’Connor and/or Morrell been playing.

"These two players are the glue in our team and have developed a fine understanding between themselves." - Do you agree?





2. Small margins will harm you in this league. We don’t actually concede too many goals so this season defensively we have been very good but as shown yesterday it only takes one slip and the game can be lost. Anybody is capable of making a mistake and Shackells header yesterday was such an example of a usually reliable player making one. Unfortunately, as we are struggling to make real chances away from home one slip is all it needs.

3. Yes, we are going to be in a relegation fight this season but could we have expected anything other than that despite the euphoria and over achievement of the last three seasons. You only have to look at where the other teams who achieved promotion with us last season ( those who still exist as a League club) to see that all teams are struggling with the step up in quality. It probably won’t be pretty from us from now until May but it will give a clear insight of the players personal willingness to knuckle down and battle for the team.

Here’s what johnolbe said:

1. A big big wake up call for everyone at the club. Management, players and fans alike, the realisation that we are capable of a performance as shocking as that. For the first time, I understand we could well be facing a relegation battle because that was a performance from a team at the bottom of the league.

2. Steve Evans actually outwitted us with his tactics and that is a hard pill to swallow. They pressed us high and harried our defenders so Vickers and co resorted to kicking it long which their defenders mopped up easily. We had no composure to play around them and our smaller lightweight technical players didn’t have the talent or ability to impose themselves on the game.

3. That away stand is up there as one of the worst possible. Imagine if the weather had been cold and teaming down with rain. It is a temporary stand that has been there 20 years and spoils what looks like a tidy looking stadium. Just for a combination of that stand that makes it impossible to create any atmosphere and for employing Evans and Raynor I really hope the Gills get relegated to the 2nd division and beyond.

And here’s what Chimpimp said:

1. Some games are good to miss as a spectator. I didn’t go or bothered to find any footage. I therefore still have the impression we are playing quite well at the moment.

2. It’s been a funny old season so far. We never seem to play a home league game anymore and then we keep sending one of our best players off to play for an international side.

3. We are still to learn a lot about Michael Appleton. Overall the signs are good. He seems a straight talker, is not afraid to make decisions in matches and appears to have a clear plan about what he is trying to do. He left no one in any doubt the performance against Gillingham was not acceptable.

If he is the good manager most of us hope and think he promises to be, the rest of this season could well be among the hardest he has to deal with. He will know all the deficiencies the side have but will only have a month in January to compete with the rest of the EFL to get in some players to make us better.

Reports of the Gillingham game confirm what we all must know. We have good players who need others to compete physically for them. Micheal O’Connor has been doing that in midfield and when he’s not there we can’t compete effectively enough in that area.

Good news is a couple of players able to do that would make a hell of a difference.

Posted by Vital Lincoln City on Tuesday, 19 November 2019

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