Date: 25th April 2010 at 12:22pm
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The Precious Pieces of 8 – a view from the Stacey West special going through on loan Leeds united star Davide Somma’s life saving Stunnas.

The South Africa/American/Italian/ adopted Yorkie & Imp is anything but a mongrel striker. King David and his thoroughbred thunderbolt duly did what comes natural yesterday and showed his goal scoring pedigree once again. Best of all the eight goal pure gold crossbreed did it in an Imp shirt at Sincil Bank to save our Lincolnshire Bacon. Yes a Boer settled a somewhat tense bore with a goal to grace the huge Spion Kops of the last century and a half to prove home is where the heart is to any football fan at the back and up top in the end. Our hill our banner, one drum one voice one passion..

Davide, undoubtedly you will play at a higher stage, but perhaps as Simon Yeo our last 20 goal a season man will testify, only when on your own home terrace can you really understand how much you mean to the fans. The emotions, the togetherness the chanting win lose or draw. But most of all when the precious goals go in there is a bonding that no one else can comprehend?. It is just an experience, no it is the experience, emotion in the raw.

We would love it if you stayed at the Imps but here are those experiences. Not memories, more raw emotions in the melting pot of the Passionistas and if you fancy it come and stand with us at Keith`s game. Anyway eight great memories for you Davide

Flame on for Davide, Davide, Davide`s on Fire!

1) Sommatime, And The Livin’ Is Easy
Debut V Crewe 27/2/2010 at Sincil Bank.

No changes at half time or so we thought as the Imps came out of the traps with a spring in their side that immediately turned to high fives Somma. And what a goal it was. Herd beat two and interchanged with Saunders with a lovely lofted chip over the defence for our Italian Springbok to take it in his stride before instinctively zinging a rising drive off the inside of the post from a country mile. A positive Sincil Stampede of joy as Imps young and old reached for the sky.

2) Tribute To KA and The World Cup Eclipsed by SAS
Home V Hereford 12/3/10
A young and natural nervousness frustratingly invites teams on so and true to form the first two shots of the game went to Hereford, before a move of majesty finished by a Poacher supreme lifted the roofs off the very stands. On ten minutes some slick one touch interchanges found Kerr who threaded the eye of a needle to pick out Somma the Goal machine. With two in attendance he feinted, stepping this way then that before hammering home a humdinger off the underside of the bar. My word this lad is simply sensational though to be honest Mr Grayson he needs a year with the Imps in League 2 to really find his feet.

3) Some Mint Sauce For Roberts.
Home V Daggers Mar 16, 2010
Three quick corners from Dagenham and a free kick headed over by Arber saw the time eaten up before a moment of magic that changed the game. The Imps first attack of the half showed how our desire to try to play football and an ability to make what little we can count. Kerr won well and fed Saunders who motored down the left to flick a cross deep into the box. Lennon rose superbly to cushion a header back to Soma in the D and we knew what was coming. Instinctively the surefooted Sincil hot shot shaped and blasted home. It left the plucky Roberts grabbing at fresh air, ‘Baaa humbug` the lamb fan must have thought as another one got away.

4 & 5) Somma`s South Sea Sunset To Savour
Torquay A 20/3/2010

Despite a rain soaked Plainmoor the travelling Imps knew they would need their shades from the moment Somma the all scoring sun god swept onto the glistening turf. Long shorn of a twenty a season man, the Imps supporters saver his every moment, the world stands still when Davide brings the ball under his goal scoring spell. He would in this be the poacher and gamekeeper with a brace and an assist for the gambolling gambling Hughton.

A double corner from Torquay in the sixth minute really saw the game liven up, Ellis headed over and from the goal kick Connor gave Guy ‘The Doorman` Branston a dig and Somma blazed a 25 yard excoset that Bevan brilliantly tipped over. So the front two were operating a scorched earth shoot on sight policy then. When you get awarded a corner in those kinds of situations you know the Goal Gods are on your side and so it proved. The ‘half` short corner from Lennon to Somma, on the edge of the box, saw his initial rasping drive blocked by Ellis but as it fell to Hone he cushioned it into the path of the onrushing Davide at speed. Nothing stops a haymaker from 8 yards as it split atoms all the way to the roof of the net.

Both managers kept the faith making no changes and surprise surprise 8 minutes into a battle of attrition in conditions reminiscent of the Somme, the Somma Sun shone again. Prince Davide the Southwest pantomime pooper and poacher supreme turned provider and pranced down the left leaving three in his wake, then promenaded into the box to nonchalantly square to Hughton on the six yard line. Cyan rifled the ball into the roof of the net. Three minutes later, just after the Imps had lived very dangerously, Davide aflame for an encore waltzed the ball round the keeper then leisurely shadowed the ball into the net in the good old ‘oh no he wont oh yes he will styleeee!”

6 & 7) Be gone from the Bank relegation ?. Be gone.
Home V Bournemouth April 10, 2010.

???news coming through on the radios and RSS feeds to the mobiles was not good. Cheltenham and Torquay were pulling up trees and Grimsby had gone one up through Devitt, damnit! Fortunately a goal broke the tension. Herd and Somma combined for the second time in the game with Herd heading Davide clear. Flame on oh Sincil super hero flame on. Gobbling up the goal scoring opportunity he raced clear and bore down on goal, dropping a shoulder to commit Jalal who ‘done up like a kipper` saw the ball sail the other way. The keeper immediately blamed the linesman and was booked for his services to football and the joy of an open flowing game going our way. We didn`t care ‘coz` 23 minutes in we were one up and staying up.
It is at times like this with 20 minutes to go that you realise there is a need for the return of toilet paper to football stadia, Sincil Bank in particular. We can`t drink we can`t smoke and well the Imps are a worry it has to be said akin perhaps to the eighties where fashion faux pas hide a triumphantly optimistic time. And so it would come to pass in Imp folklore. No sooner had we heard that Bury had pulled two back in two minutes at Cheltenham (Lowe pen 80, 82) than Somma dazzled us. A through ball with top spin from Keltie crept over the shoulder of Somma who unleashed a looping humdinging drive in off the bar. A killer finish of a natural born scoring machine. Ohhhhhh Sommatime and the scoring is easy???. Sincil Bank went mental. Be gone relegation from the Bank?. Be gone.

8 Halleluliah Impdom
Imps V Bury 24/4/10
So once again it came down to Davide Somma, who as the stats prove had our one and only chance of a tense game made worse by Grimsby`s 2-0 half time lead. Keltie fashioned a through ball to create his second home winning assist in successive home games. Davide brought the ball under his spell just inside the right hand side of the box and then thumped home from twelve yards. The ground erupted, the release the joy as Imp hugged Imp, raw emotion said it all, relief is such a great and instant healer after all. Amen For King Davide Did Smite them?.. Be gone from the Bank relegation ?. Be gone.

So just the two unanswered questions Davide, will you get to 10 for the season and will the Macclesfield game be au revoir, ciao or a definite goodbye for good?