Date: 29th June 2018 at 8:51am
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It was announced on Wednesday 27th June that Ollie Palmer had left The Imps to join fellow League Two side Crawley Town for an undisclosed fee.

Ollie was a player that always gave 100% while on the pitch, but mainly coming on from the bench, and that is clearly not what he wants. I would always turn to my left at home games and say “We need to bring Ollie Palmer on to change the game.” because most of the time he’d come on and make a difference.

The truth is, though, we can do better, but I would like to wish Ollie the best of luck in the future!

Anyway, only a short reaction from myself due to lack of time, but here are some of the views that really matter:

Luke Imp: “I thought he was a good impact sub (as his numbers proved last season), but definitely not a starter.

Problem with him is that he’s average at most things. Bit of pace, but not blistering, wins the odd header but not enough for someone his size, ok at holding the ball up, but not great etc.

Made a positive impact in the season, though. Seemed to have got more out of him here than everywhere else he’s been.”

berksimps: “Thought he deserved to start more often and was better than Rheady later in the season. He was certainly way more mobile. Don’t blame him for moving and having a better chance to score more goals. Thanks for the effort put in for LCFC, good luck for the future.”

Scotimp: “‘Be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind. He may get more game time at Crawley (by no means guaranteed), but will he be part of a promotion challenge there? What chance does he have of another appearance at Wembley? Playing in front of 10,000 each week? Remote on each count, I would say.

But we do not know the full story. It is very unlikely Danny had not accounted for this in his planning and will not be concerned in the slightest. Let’s see who comes in to replace him.

Of the eight players to have left, the only one I would have fought to keep is Woodyard, but there were very good reasons to let him go. I am really not bothered about the other seven.

Palmer, Farman, Knott, Stewart, Whitehouse, Woodyard, Long and Arnold out; Andrade, Smith, O’Connor and Toffolo in – not at all bad so far.”

Posted by Vital Lincoln City on Friday, 29 June 2018


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