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Rate The Ref 2023/24 – A Look At The Best & The Worst

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We’ve all had time now to settle into our summer habits so it’s time to quickly finalise how you all thought the referees did during our matches this season, with top displays by Premier League referee Paul Tierney away to Sheffield United in the League Cup and Daniel Middleton during the 3-1 win at home versus Charlton Athletic in League One.

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As usual, there was an extreme difference between those who did their job often very well and those who were frankly shockingly bad. On the whole though, when we did have a bad one it was often because on the whole we didn’t have too many Busby’s with the whistle over the course of the season.

So we’ll start with the best scores recorded…

Top of the pile with a quite frankly astonishing average score of 9.26 was Daniel Middleton for his handling of the Midweek win against Charlton back in October. The fact that this average came from 28 recorded scores in the thread further confirms how good that performance was.

Other notable good scores were given to Paul Tierney for the cup game at Sheffield United (8.66), Rebecca Welch for the home loss to Burton (8.59) and Marc Edwards for the home game against Shrewsbury (8.39).

So we come to the wretches who spoiled our game days and I expect most of you think the performance from Sunny Gill in the final game at home to Portsmouth would be the one wiping its own arse of ineptitude. Well, no it wasn’t. He managed a paltry average of 1.44 for that effort, which put him in second from last only. The dubious honour of buffoon of the season is given to Ben Atkinson for his attempts to run the game in the home win against Cheltenham back in September. 33 votes garnered him a measly average of 1.3 for that effort.

The strange irony of both of those poor officials is that we had them both at other points in the season and they both managed perfectly fine scores of 7 (Gill away at Peterborough) and 6 (Atkinson away at Barnsley).

I suppose everyone can have off days!!!!

Thanks to all who contributed to this during the course of the season. We’ll do it all again come August.

Up the Imps!

Writer: sedgleyimp

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