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It’s safe to say there isn’t much to talk about on any sports forums at the moment, but we’re doing our best to keep things ticking over with a few new threads a day, quizzes and polls. Get involved on 100% Imps! Below you will find a bit more information on the answers to Quiz No.1.

Quiz No.2 can be found after question 10. Have a go!

1. What is Harry Anderson the only Lincoln City player to have done?

a) Have three separate spells with the club
b) Score against a current England goalkeeper
c) Play for Lincoln in three different tiers in an upwards direction
d) Score for Lincoln in six different competitions (National League, League Two, League One, League Cup, FA Cup, EFL Trophy)

At least half a dozen players have had three separate spells with the club including Yaffer Ward, Andy Graver and Gary West. Plenty of City players have scored against current England goalkeepers including Alan Harding, Dennis Booth, George Shipley, John Thomas, Ross Jack, Michael Bostwick, Bruno Andrade and – of course – Sean Raggett. Harry joins a very small elite of players who have scored in six different competitions, the first being John McGinley.

So the answer is c). Seventeen players have appeared for City in three different tiers, but Harry is the only one to do it in an upwards direction. The rest all achieved it through relegations. The other sixteen are Neville Bannister, Ray Barnard, Ken Barrett, Roy Chapman, Brian Drysdale, Willie Gamble, Bob Graves, Russell Green, Keith Haines, Roger Holmes, Bob Jackson, Bert Linnecor, John McGinley, Fred Middleton, Brian Punter and Jeff Smith.

2. Which former Imp was once nicknamed ‘Tipper’?

a) Mick Waitt
b) Trevor Peake
c) John Vaughan
d) Matt Rhead

Mick Waitt was nicknamed ‘Tipper’ during his days at Notts County.

3. What somewhat strange reason did Willie Bell give for signing Tommy Tynan?

a) He was at school with Tynan’s father
b) He had always wanted to sign him
c) He admired Tynan’s Elvis Presley impersonation
d) He wanted a striker with small feet

Quite simply, he had always wanted to sign him, for whatever reason. However, any of the four answers could well have been feasible where Bell was concerned.

4. Which ex-Imp now runs a guest house near Kilmarnock?

a) Ross Jack
b) Jim McCalliog
c) Brian Gilmour
d) George Kerr

Jim McCalliog runs Langside Bed & Breakfast in Fenwick:

5. What is the significance of 1,518?

a) The number of players to have made a competitive first-team appearance for the Imps
b) The lowest ever attendance at a Football League match at Sincil Bank
c) The first transfer fee ever paid by the club for a player
d) The capacity of the John O’Gaunts ground

According to my own records, 1,518 players have made a competitive appearance for Lincoln (i.e. excluding the Lincs Cup, charity, friendly and testimonial matches). The accolade of being number 1,500 fell to Jordan Adebayo-Smith in the Checkatrade tie at Accrington last season.

6. David Herd was the first Lincoln City manager to do what?

a) Win a divisional Manager of the Month award
b) Move his office from the St Andrew’s Stand to the South Park Stand
c) Take the title ‘Head Coach’
d) Sign an ex-England international for Lincoln

January 1972.

7. What is the connection between City teammates Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Ben Futcher?

a) They also played in the same school team together
b) They are cousins
c) They both hold a degree in economics
d) They were born on the same day

4 June 1981.

8. What links Aaron Lewis with the 1958 Munich air disaster?

a) His German grandmother was working at the airport that day
b) His uncle was a Manchester United player who survived the crash
c) He used to live next door to the late Harry Gregg
d) He has refused to fly since watching a documentary on the disaster

The story of Aaron’s uncle Ken Morgan is incredible – he was missed by the initial search for survivors and was found in the wreckage by two journalists five hours after the crash:

9. Sixteen players have both played for and managed the club, but David Calderhead (jnr) was the first City manager to have been on the club’s books as a player without making a first-team appearance. Who was the second?

a) Bill Anderson
b) Steve Wicks
c) Ron Gray
d) John Pickering

Gray joined the Imps as a player in May 1939 but never made a first-team appearance after all football was suspended for WWII in September that year.

10. What was ironic about City’s record 3-11 defeat at Manchester City on 23 March 1895?

a) Manchester City finished below Lincoln in the Second Division that season
b) It was watched by Manchester City’s lowest attendance of the season
c) Lincoln had beaten Manchester City at home just three weeks earlier
d) Manchester City signed Lincoln goalkeeper Evan Roberts at the end of the season

Just 2,000 as Manchester City finished well off the pace in 9th. Two of their goals that day were scored by the legendary Billy Meredith.

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Which player did Colin Murphy call 'the best player in non-league football' when he signed him?

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