Date: 22nd June 2013 at 2:22pm
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We have sent the following questions to Tom Miller after he agreed to do a Q&A with the Vital Lincoln Members.

– What was the number 1 reason you decided to stay at Lincoln?

– What do you expect to achieve as a player this season at Lincoln?

– Can I get a discount on herbalife?

– Spill the beans! Who were the other clubs that showed interest in you?

– Where is your target to finish next season realistically?

– Where do you prefer to play CB or RB?

– Biggest crowd you’ve played in front of?

– Biggest game you’ve played in?

– Do you think the Stacey West should have been closed for home supporters?

– Having played for Dundalk in the League of Ireland, how do you think that level compares to the BSP? Are there differences in style?

– Who are your biggest friends in football?

– Have you kept in touch with many players from your previous clubs?

– Out of the new faces who have arrived so far this season, who do you think is going to be the most influential player in the team next season?

– What are the best and worst stadiums you have played at?

– Which football team do you support?

– Who is your favourite ever player?

– Who is the worst dressed Imps player?

– Who has the dodgiest ipod collection in the dressing room?