Date: 30th November 2017 at 10:47pm
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This will be the only comparison piece across the divisions, so for Vital readers not interested in this level of football – pick Part 1 or Part 2 to suit your preference.

Part 1 – The BBC’s annual Price of Football survey for the current 2017/18 season came out last month and here are the details for the Premier League and the Championship.

With brief headline details on a division by division split basis now dealt with, it’s time to delve into the figures properly and see how clubs compare £ wise across the leagues.

The BBC investigation looks into matchday ticket prices, season ticket prices, pies, programmes, shirts, cups of tea and away tickets and like normal, clubs across 23 leagues were looked at, including obviously the English football pyramid.

This year, more than 1000 ticket prices in six categories were looked at, and like normal these included the cheapest and most expensive matchday options, along with similar in away tickets, and the same in season ticket commitments.

So to the details, on a division by division basis – and in alphabetical order – for those who want to look across the whole English game and not just their own club at this stage.

Premier League: