Date: 18th February 2015 at 5:43pm
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The Premier League has signed a new TV mega-deal worth £5.14bn. The FSF want to see more money in The Championship, League One, League Two and lower!

The Premier League has signed a new TV mega-deal worth £5.14bn, and that’s just for UK rights. The increase from the last domestic deal alone equates to £40+ for every fan, at every game; top-flight clubs have to bring down ticket prices and support lower-league/grassroots football. There are five billion reasons why clubs should #shareTVwealth!

FSF Chairman Malcolm on Premier League TV deal:
“This eye-watering amount goes to the private owners of our 20 PL clubs, many of whom have not been brought up in the traditions and culture of our national game.
“The challenge now is whether they can put the interests of the game as a whole above their own financial self-interest or the short term interest of their own club.
“We want to see more of this money going down into our unique English football pyramid, the very foundation of our national game. The pyramid relies on competitive balance which is destroyed if the financial gap between its various levels is too big.
“It can also cause clubs to take very bad financial decisions as they desperately struggle to get into the land of milk and honey above, as we have seen with 92 insolvencies since the PL was founded. Like all pyramids, the top is ultimately only as strong as the middle and the base.
“Richard Scudamore [Premier League chief executive] talks of the money “trickling down” to the national game. Trickle is sadly the right word. We want to see a waterfall.”

Fans demand that clubs:

1. Drop prices for home fans;
2. Commit to the FSF’s Twenty’s Plenty away price cap;
3. Redistribute more wealth to support lower-league and grassroots football.

Important! Please make sure to SELECT A CLUB when you sign the #shareTVwealth PETITION.

This triggers an email to them and the relevant league outlining your support for lower prices/redistribution of TV wealth throughout the pyramid. It’s a vital step in this campaign as the PL and FL always insist that clubs hold the power.

Can you do more? Yes. THIS PETITION is only the first step in the FSF’s campaign to force top-flight clubs to #shareTVwealth. In the coming days they will announce more via

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