Date: 27th May 2008 at 9:32pm
Written by:

The Hopes and dreams of the Imp Nation will appear on ITV Soccer Night at 11.05 in the flesh though perhaps minus the Sexy voice.

And now having beaten Cancer the hopes and dreams of the Imp nation await the wise words of the soothsayer. For Peter Jackson taught us to believe in the darkest days of last season and led us back from the brink. He put our safety before his own health. And now he returns to lead us to greatness. In our 125th season.

Many have joked that Vital is virtually a church to Peter Jackson Perhaps so, for he turned us into believers. A few months ago we suggested the title ‘The Lord of The Imps: The Return of the King’ to mark his return; but he is genuinely so much more than a King. From the first moment he walked into Sincil Bank we knew that he was a prophesy personified a messiah. He is a fans manager and a players manager. He is a testament to hope and perseverence and he is ours.

Peter Jackson is The Lord of The Imps. And who would bet against him guiding us back to the second tier of League Football in the next two or 3 years. For it is written.