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Views from hulloutpost on the podcast (Joe Citrone, Love of the Game) with Lincoln City Manager Michael Appleton, where he talks about administration at Portsmouth, changing the culture at Oxford United and his aspirations with The Imps:

“For me, it reinforces how grounded also confident and resolute MA is regarding his footballing beliefs. What I really like is that he totally understood the change of culture, direction and magnitude of the task in following DC/NC was going to be…..and took the job anyway. It takes somebody with an inner belief and calm resolution to walk into that fully knowing they are going to need to roll with some punches.

It’s one thing following Fergie at Manure as anybody would take a tilt at a once in a lifetime opportunity of that nature. It’s another test all together taking the risk of rehabilitating your career at a provincial lower league club off the back of sustained success under somebody else AND radically changing the model at a revolutionary pace. Reassuringly it is quite clear that manager and board are in complete alignment which is why he ultimately took the job.”

More views on 100% Imps:

mikeosullivan: “I was disappointed to hear him totally write off the Cowleys’ overall playing style, basically saying that it does not produce players – either for the current team or players who can go on to play at a higher level. He was quite detrimental to Wycombe’s style too, although did acknowledge their achievements.

The Cowleys had a pretty good record of players moving up the ladder, and equally, there have been lots of examples in previous years of “direct” teams producing footballers who then move on and play at the very top.

It may not be your preferred style, Michael, but it is a very blinkered attitude that may come back to haunt you. Every successful team at Lincoln (Taylor, Murphy, Beck, Alexander, Cowleys) has played quite a direct style that involved getting the ball forward very quickly.

It will be interesting to see if supporters will adjust to a slow build-up passing game if it doesn’t bring results or plenty of goalmouth incidents. Lots of managers have wanted to play like that at Lincoln, but have failed.

Overall though, if we are going to change our philosophy, I don’t think we could have anyone better in charge.”

Luke Imp: “To be fair, Woodyard, Waterfall and Raggett all moved higher but didn’t get the game time and/or have fallen/will fall to a similar level we sold them at. Those others we sold – Rhead, Palmer, Long, Farman, Andrade, Green etc – also remained around the same level we were at (Rhead aside). It’s not as if we were a conveyor belt of talent per se but we were very good at getting fees for players, which is obviously easier when you’re successful at the time.

In the case of Woodyard and Waterfall, they moved up a league but to similar sized clubs. Toffolo is probably the one we got the most money for and the one who’ll stay at a higher level for a sustained period of time.

Also, we’re L1 now and I’d argue it does require a different type of player to sell to the PL/Championship sides in general and is different to what, when we were NL for example, L1 and L2 sides would look for.

So in that respect, MA probably isn’t wrong in what he’s saying (I’ve not listened to the podcast so reading your post for the gist of it). Rightly or wrongly, football has certainly gone more technical and them players will sell for more in the transfer market. Ultimately you’ve got to cater for your target market and that’s PL and Championship sides.

You can discuss this podcast HERE.

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Podcast Reaction – "For me, it reinforces how grounded also confident and resolute Michael Appleton is."…

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