Date: 1st March 2021 at 9:14am
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Plymouth Argyle
4 – 3
Lincoln City

Home Park

League One

27/02/2021 3:00 pm

Referee: Kevin Johnson

Plymouth Argyle Lincoln City
Watts 3', Mayor 13', Grant 77', Edwards 90+1' McGrandles 22', Grant 59' (PEN), 62' (PEN)
Cooper Palmer
Watts Poole
Opoku 67' Edun
Aimson Montsma
Edwards (C)
Lewis 81' Grant (C) 86'
Grant Johnson
Mayor McGrandles
45' Hopper
Hardie 81' Scully
Ennis 67' Rogers


McCormick (GK) Long (GK)
Woods 67' Bramall
Jephcott 67' Eyoma
Reeves 81' Roughan
Camara 45' Archibald
Lolos 81' Jones 86'
Moore Sanders

Game Statistics

10 Goal attempts 15
5 On Target 8
0 Corners 6
15 Fouls 8
2 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
42 % 58

Views from Croozey following Saturday’s 4-3 defeat away at Plymouth Argyle in League One: “I couldn’t bring myself to sum up the game straight after. I’ve had my tea, and time to reflect.

Good and bad. We got off to an awful start. The defence seemed to be asleep when that cross came into the box after 1 minute 20 seconds. the ball dropped to the floor, and was lashed in, so the way to deal was to get on it before it landed. Marking not good enough.

2nd goal, Mayer received the ball in bags of space Grant tried to close him down but was too late. A big hole in the central midfield.

After that, we played some lovely football. Back to the Lincoln, we have seen for most of this season. No signs of tiredness, but the pitch was in tip top condition, just right for our style of football. Great goal from McGrandles, put us right back in it. Grant scored 2 good penalties. we were cruising to victory.

Good games for Poole, Edun, Grant, Johnson, McGrandles, and Scully.

I thought Palmer was suspect. Distribution was bad at times again.

Rogers was quieter than usual. I would have taken him off after 60-70 mins for Archibald.

I felt our lack of fresh legs being introduced was strange. The fact Plymouth had 5 fresh players to bring on towards the end changed the game. We were totally on top until then, but the momentum switched. Plymouth had an extra yard and were able to attack us much more. Montsma glancing O.G- looked like he didn’t see it as the attacker was in front of him and all happened in an instant. So give him the benefit. Eden was playing a bit too forward at a time when we should have been defending, and was noticeably ahead of his man a few times and was caught out for their 4th goal. Like he was playing attacking wing-back instead of defensive left-back.

So a win thrown away, a draw thrown away.”

You can discuss what has been said in this article HERE, as well as many other topics on our 100% Imps forum! We have also published a Lincoln City v Plymouth Argyle Quiz, which can be found just below. Every page view helps raise money for Lincoln City Football Club!

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More views from the Match Thread:

Skip155: “That league table just looks so good. Yes, I know it could have looked better but it still looks so good. Seeing 30 matches played and only 16 to go makes it look all the better.

We’d have been back at 2 points per game if we’d seen the match out for the last 15 mins. Now as a minimum our next chance to get there is after another 270 mins at football – maybe we won’t get back there. Who knows.

The table still looks great though.”

Brendan Bradley: “There seemed to come a point around the 70th minute where either we stopped going forward or Plymouth were able to exert more pressure. Either way, when they scored the equaliser it wasn’t a surprise as we’d already had a warning.

I am enjoying the season very much and I enjoyed that game despite the result (more so than on Tuesday which was a match of little quality but riddled with mistakes), but what I can’t understand is, if it was deliberate or not, why changes were not made when it was obvious Plymouth had more possession?

I’m not generally in favour of any negative substitutions but I don’t think either pushing Edun into midfield or taking off one of our forward players for Jones or Sanders would have affected our ability to counter-attack.

And surely this tiredness motif can be put to bed now, so to speak. If there is fatigue why would pretty much the same players be used from the start again, and the only substitution be an enforced one 4 minutes from time?”

Luke Imp: “Didn’t see the game or have read this thread so apologies if I’m calling this wrong/repeating things etc!

I straight away thought of Accrington last season when I saw the result.

This result and performance are what I thought we’d get most of this season tbh. A young side, missing a bit of experience and scoring and conceding in equal measure.

We’re obviously being killed by having Walsh and Bridcutt out at the same time (the latter the more important of the two I think) and therefore having to move Grant around. The rotating the full-backs wouldn’t have been as big an issue if they were available and that’s probably unsettling us slightly as well.

I wonder whether we could get away with trying to Poole in a defensive midfield position? I know we like someone in there who can start attacks and pass their way through but at the minute I wonder whether we just need someone who’ll offer us a bit more of a defensive mind?

We need to dig in for the next three or four weeks and hopefully get Morton, Bridcutt, Anderson, Walsh all back.”


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