Date: 22nd April 2010 at 8:45am
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The case for the defence is apparently in tatters if you listen to the downbeat local media elsewhere, yet in reality things are looking rosy with the return of our second fullback in days. Thus the matrix is realigned and will bend in our favour as we attent to do some burying this Saturday. And no we don`t need a spade to do it.

Good old Joe Anderson is training and raring to go ahead of The Shakers earth quake of a game this sunny Sincil Saturday. He will join Cian Hughton who is back after a two match ban following his naughty naughty ten yellow card milestone. Look on the bright side Cian five more lives with just the three games to go.

This will allow Nathan Baker to partner Danny Hone in the middle giving the case for the defence a much stronger brief ahead of Saturdays date with destiny. Despite defensive character witnesses Paul Green, Adam Watts, Moses Swaibu and Ian Pearce being unable to show, and Kovacs doing a bunk; we have every confidence that the jury will come out in force and get us the right result.

The Case for the Defence rests. Pearcy wrap them up in cotton wool until Saturday will you? And in the summer get the two full backs on raw meat and the weights ready for next season.