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Mark Kennedy Appointed Head Coach – Reaction

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The Imps announced yesterday that Mark Kennedy has signed a four-year deal as Head Coach. The new Imps boss had a successful playing career, playing for Liverpool, Manchester City, Crystal Palace and a number of other clubs, and since retiring he has had roles at Ipswich Town, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Birmingham City and other clubs.

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Views from sedgleyimp: “So the dice has been thrown and Mark Kennedy has won the glittering prize of head coach at our beloved Lincoln City Football Club. A name which featured nowhere on the 1st of May 2022, yet one which appeared at the very top of bookies lists only a few days ago. How will he get on? Honestly, we just don’t know. But that is part of the fun. It is an appointment which is very much a win-win for the majority of Lincoln supporters though.

Was he a name bandied about by any supporter when Michael Appleton left. I really don’t think so, but when you consider several names being thrown into the hat at that time he is a much preferable appointment than many of the used car salesmen (*cough Darren Ferguson*) some seemed to be advocating.

Now I know that some will cite a lack of managerial experience and point to his 8.7% win rate whilst in charge of Macclesfield in 2020. That statistic is an irrelevance. Macclesfield were a mess of a club when he stepped into the breach there. That club no longer exists because of the financial shenanigans which were taking place beyond his control. Relegation only came following an EFL appeal against a disciplinary panel’s points deduction award. Don’t get sucked into thinking this gives any indication of how well he will do. He was on a hiding to nothing there. Move on and do it quickly folks.

So you look at a promising but truncated playing and coaching career and see that he has been at Manchester City, Liverpool, Palace, and Wolves to name but a few. Good grounding for working with coaches who know a thing or two and, as much of his coaching has been done with youth teams, very much in with the ethos of our club. You can see why he looks, on paper, as a very good choice. His initial interviews sound very good also. The indications are that he likes to play football on the ground and with pace. What’s not to like there.

So this is very much an exciting appointment, though one tinged with a degree of apprehension because there is simply no way of knowing at this point in time how it will go.

So why is it a win-win for the majority of Lincoln City supporters? Simply this:- If, as I really expect, the appointment is yet again an exceptional success and the team progresses up the leagues under his reign we will all be delighted. If however, for whatever reason it just doesn’t work out, the majority of us Imps who were very happy with the last head coach can turn round to those in the small minority who were very vocal in their judgements against what happened last season, and say, ‘cheers thanks a bunch.’

Anyway, Mark Kennedy’s Red and White Army has a nice tone to it. Let’s hear it ringing out loud and proud come the 2022/23 season and beyond.”

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