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Lincoln City 1-3 Wigan Athletic: Views, Highlights & Stats


Views from Scotimp following the 3-1 defeat at home against Wigan Athletic in League One: “Well, League One has a new Wycombe, for the next few weeks at least. Magennis wasn’t remotely interested in going for the ball most of the time and was there simply to intimidate and obstruct his way through the game. Timewasting, feigning injury to take the pace out of the game, some surprisingly hoof-like tactics at times, it was all there.

But they cut their way to the edge of our box at will, as does every team we play, and I still cannot believe we did nothing to solve it during the January window. They were effective in and around our box in a way that we never are, and that is the difference between being at the top and the bottom. They were literally stronger than us in every position, and they didn’t have Maguire to waste every set-piece for them (why can he not get the ball more than three feet off the ground?). As distasteful as Wigan’s financial behaviour is, they have spent that money well.”

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More views from our Match Thread:

Stevie_imp: “There isn’t that big a gap in ability between top currently on live tables Wigan, and us in 18th. Good signings and management would give me confidence for next season. This one, well, we are just not good enough, helped by a very poor ref. Disappointing afternoon but meanwhile at home, we’re having a takeaway curry and wine later. That’ll cheer me up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend imps.”

PerthImp: “Well, as entertaining as the first half was, the second half was a joke. There was only one team trying to play football and it definitely wasn’t Wigan. OK, they were well organised and clinical but they were thugs who mugged us thanks to a referee who was ridiculously weak and a complete and utter joke. Either he comes from Wigan or he has money on Wigan to win the league. The bulk of his decisions in the second half were a complete travesty and so one-sided it was ridiculous. There was a short period in the second half where a series of refereeing decisions went against us and I’m sure the players just lost concentration, which led to the third goal. Proud of the team for trying to win the game in the proper way – excellent performance, although a couple of players dropped off the second half, mainly Maguire who seemed to play too many balls backwards or beyond the intended team-mate. Nothing else to say.”

JT_LCFC: “Soundly beaten today, Wigan were solid no thrills. The ref was abysmal, and totally out of his depth.

If we want to progress we need pace, we just don’t have any natural pace to break. Kind of summed the season up this week. Not the end of the world, but I think even the fans today which were pretty non-existent are ready for the summer.”

Thank you to Graham Burrell and Lincoln City Football Club for the photograph!

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Lincoln City
1 – 3
Wigan Athletic

Sincil Bank

League One

9/04/2022 3:00 pm

Attendance: 9498

Referee: Scott Oldham

Lincoln City Wigan Athletic
Scully 14' Lang 8', 72', Keane 21'


Game Statistics

13 Goal attempts 14
4 On Target 6
5 Corners 8
8 Fouls 14
1 Yellow Cards 4
0 Red Cards 0
59 % 41

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