Date: 23rd April 2010 at 8:39am
Written by:

Oh Lord Its Jamail Singh

Cross yourselves this St Georges Day fellow Imps, for our favourite referee will be putting the Shakers into Lincoln against Bury tomorrow. Yes the clowns at The Referees Association not only continue to give him a job, but they also continue to tempt the fates in giving him important high profile, relegation and local derby fixtures.

Who can forget Lincoln against Rotherham game on 13/2/10 when he sent of Moses after just 13 minutes? Yes alas even on the eve of Valentine`s Day there is little love lost between ourselves and the ills of refereeing personified in just the one man.

Yes in 26 matches this season it has been just the one red for Jamal plus an incredible 93 yellows. A dizzy dozen of those came at Christmas as Bournemouth entertained Torquay and another 4 on a quieter day when they played Burton. Jovial Jamal returned to the Cherries again last week and dished out another 5. Rest assured Imps Jamal is not just saving his howlers for Bournemouth & our good selves, gleeful Gillingham have had him twice this term with the games averaging 4.5 bookings.

Sorry Jamal I have tried to defend you in the past and it merely comes back to haunt both of us. The man is a disgrace to refereeing and an affront to sportsmanship.

Respect surely does not mean a necessity for a football fan to blindfold themself, stick a biro up each nostril and need to recite wibble wibble wibble for the duration of the game. Perhaps Blackadder or Baldrick would be a better bet in a vital match tomorrow.

Look on the bright side this shocking ref is due a good one as Sincil Bank