Date: 5th June 2008 at 8:01pm
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Hallelujah: Jackson is Back Home.

Many have sworn that the Cathedral’s Imp shed a miraculous tear or two today! Though policemen did confiscate the diamond white and move them on.

One thing that is true however is that IMPresario, manager and messiah Peter Jackson has been given the all-clear to return to duties after undergoing treatment for throat cancer.

Jackson told the official website: ‘It’s a big day for me. To be given the all-clear is all you want to hear when you are first diagnosed. I’ll go back every four weeks, then every three months, then every six months for five years. It’s quite a long, drawn out process. Hopefully I’ll be back at the club at the end of this month?.. I’ve been going in for a couple of days a week for the last fortnight.”

This is going to be the best era at the Imps since Bill Anderson