“I think he can take us to the Championship given the right financial backing.”

And finally, the answers provided by Blodwyn:

How long have you supported Milton Keynes Dons?

Since 2004 when MK Dons were formed.

Where did you finish last season?

Sadly relegated but not bottom.

What do you think of your Manager?

I like Paul Tisdale. I think he can take us to the Championship given the right financial backing.

What are your hopes and expectations for this season?

My hopes are automatic promotion and good runs in the FA Cup and Checkatrade. My expectation is playoffs.

One(s) to watch?

We don’t have any stand out players but Callum Brittain is an England U20 player. We have some very good young players coming through. You might see Dylan Asonganyi and Brandon Thomas-Asante play. They are both fast strong forwards.

Who do you think will finish in the top 7?

Lincoln City, Tranmere Rovers, Forest Green Rovers, Milton Keynes Dons, Colchester United, Oldham Athletic and Stevenage.

Who do you think will finish in the bottom 2?

Macclesfield Town and Morecambe.

What are your thoughts on Lincoln City?

Your Club seems friendly and well run. I like your Club and your City.

What do you think the score will be?

Lincoln City 2 MK Dons 1.

What will your likely default formation and style of play be for this season?

Tisdale does chop and change the formation depending on the opposition but we have been defensively minded the season to stop leaking goals.

Random fact about your Club?

We are the legal continuation of Wimbledon FC… (Please stop swearing now)

If you could steal one Lincoln City player for your own team, who would it be and why?

Matt Rhead. We need more goals and he knocks them in.

What are your proudest and most embarrassing moments as a Milton Keynes Dons Supporter?

Winning the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy at Wembley in 2007. Being relegated is always embarrassing and humbling.

Who would you say is your most underrated player?

Goalkeeper Lee Nicholls. He is 25 and improving every season.

Do you have a Supporters Trust and what role do they play at the Club?

The Supporters Trust is “mothballed” I don’t think we will ever have an “active” Trust.

Which was your favourite match involving Milton Keynes Dons?

MK Dons 4 Manchester United 0. What a night!! Look it up on YouTube. Unreal!!!

Which was your least favourite match involving Milton Keynes Dons?

Our 2 losses to AFC Wimbledon. You can guess the reason why.

Edds, Lewington, Andrews, Dyer, Wilbraham, McLeod, Platt. Discuss.

Edds: His goal against Tranmere on the last day of the season kept us up in 2005. Legend. Lewington: Club legend. There should be a statue of him at StadiumMK in the future in my opinion. Andrews, Platt, Wilbraham and Dyer: All played well for us. McLeod: Top all-time scorer with 62 goals. Retired now but working for the Club in sales.

stadium:mk – has it been the off the pitch success that was intended i.e. concerts, international games etc?

StadiumMK is doing what it was built for. We have various income streams that are keeping the Club solvent.

If you could build the stadium again, what would you add/remove from a supporters perspective?

I wouldn’t change anything about the Stadium itself. Catering and stewarding need sorting out though.

Do you have any/many fans who were originally Wimbledon fans or are they nearly all newbie MK Dons fans who started supporting the team when they were formed?

I think less than 100 original Wimbledon fans followed the Club to MK. Since 2003 they have either died, retired, or don’t bother anymore. I do know around 12 fans who still come but the total number is probably less than 40.

I used to work in MK and was always impressed with the lengths the club went to engage with the community and also all of the community events the club put on. A good model for a lower league club. Has this continued in recent years and what benefits has it brought?

MK Dons Sports and Education Trust do great work in the community with the young, disabled, and ladies. I hear it’s an admired set up. They are a registered charity.

Has the hostility towards the club from fans of other teams lessened over the years, or is it still pretty much the same?

Face to face hostility towards us has disappeared except for some AFC Wimbledon and Luton fans. Some keyboard warriors try to keep the hostility going and Supporters Trusts mainly take an anti-MK Don stance but generally, we’re disliked for football reasons rather than our history.

I am always intrigued when foreign players end up in League Two – what’s the story behind Ousseynou Cisse and Weiger Sietsma and are they any good?

Cisse is a French Mali international and Sietsma is Dutch. Cisse is a confidence player and has been brilliant this season. Sietsma is non-league standard (Sorry Weiger).

Do you miss the former National Hockey Stadium (now a Network Rail offices site) and do you actually own or are in debt for the current stadium?

The National Hockey Stadium was built for Hockey and as such was unsuitable for football in the long term. I liked it though. StadiumMK is fantastic. It’s owned by InterMK 1 who own InterMK2 the owners of MK Dons FC. Pete Winkelman is the top man in both companies. I think the outstanding debt for the Stadium is less than 10 million and is manageable as we stand. It helps to have good income streams and selling Dele Alli for 5 million plus add-ons.

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  • Unfortunately Blodwyn’s ‘random fact’ isn’t a fact. Milton Keynes Dons is a self-proclaimed new club, formed in 2004, it is not a ‘legal continuation’ of Wimbledon FC. Wimbledon FC Ltd never exited administration and was wound up in 2009. The 2004 CVA that established Milton Keynes Dons FC separated all legal links between Wimbledon FC and the new club and company in MK. Pesky facts. 🙂

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