“I am not a great fan of the likes of Liverpool or Leeds, but it would be totally wrong if they were denied their respective titles.”

What are your first memories at Sincil Bank?

As mentioned above, my first game was in 1963, the much-postponed FA Cup 3rd round game Vs Coventry City. We lost 1-5 and I really remember how cold it was. Dad and I were in the South Park stand and a kind (old?) lady let me share her blanket to keep my legs warm. I was 8 years old.

I like the “which Imps player would you steal?” in the “Who Are Ya?” articles. Which other League 1 player would you like to see join us?

Yes, I enjoy that question (and the ensuing answers) too. I would have to go for Ivan Toney, scorer of 22 league goals for the Posh so far this season.

Who and why do you consider our biggest rivals?

It has to be Grimsby, from a historical perspective.

Favourite away ground and why?

League: London Road, Peterborough. Only because it is the nearest to my home!

Non-League: Cressing Road, Braintree, because we won there every time I went! (Four occasions!)

Which is your favourite Lincoln pub?

As I live 65 miles away, I don’t drink in any Lincoln pubs but, when I was living there (albeit as a 15/16-year-old) I liked the Monson Arms on Skelly Road.

If it were up to you, would you have any of our recent ex-players back in the current Imps team? If yes, which and why?

Matt Rhead, because he is just awesome! He reminds me of Percy Freeman and I honestly believe that he could still do a job for us. I will never forget his brace at Braintree on a Tuesday night, or his flick-ons for the like of Luke Waterfall at FGR or Nathan Arnold at Gateshead. Legend, without a doubt.

What’s your biggest football moment?

When I lived and worked in France, I played semi-pro football but when we moved back to England just before Christmas 1977, I decided to drop down to Sunday League football, just as a hobby and something sporty to do. I was eventually persuaded to sign for Thomas Cook’s team and in the early summer of 1982 Thomas Cook headquarters (in Peterborough) held a big charity day, the centrepiece being a football match between a TC 11 and an ‘all-stars’ team. Dave ‘Boy’ Green, Billy Kellock, Tommy Robson and various others played for the ‘all-stars’, but the big news was, Justin Fashanu was also going to play in the second half. At that time, he was at Forest under Brian Clough who had given him strict instructions that he was only to be there in a ceremonial capacity (he had a gorgeous blonde lass on his arm) but that he was not to play! He did. I think the game ended 2-2 and I played centre-half and recall being elbowed in the face by Billy Kellock who played for Posh at the time. Later, as we all took a shower after the game, in walked you-know-who, totally naked. Remember, nobody knew his sexual leanings at that time, remember also the gorgeous blonde lass on his arm; it had nothing to do with any of that why most people hurried embarrassedly out of the shower as he came in. I will leave the reasoning for this to your imagination! Also note, he was loaned out to Southampton shortly after this episode, and never played for Forest again.

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"I am not a great fan of the likes of Liverpool or Leeds, but it would be totally wrong if they were denied their…

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