Date: 14th March 2020 at 3:04pm
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I’m sure we’re all thinking about this to a certain degree. With the peak of Coronavirus not expected until June, it looks unlikely that this season will resume on 3rd April, or indeed any time before mid-summer. So how do we satisfactorily complete the current season?

One suggestion might be to:

1. Complete the current season between 1st August and 30th September with July as ‘pre-season’.

2. Play season 2020-21 from 1st Jan 2021.

Season 2020-21 could be designed either:

1. With only round of fixtures instead of two.


2. By splitting each division in half based on finishing positions and playing two rounds of fixtures home and away but in 10/12 team leagues. Bottom clubs in Pool B leagues would be relegated, top clubs in pool A leagues promoted.

These solutions would have the added benefit of scrapping the league cup, a move that could probably become permanent without too many people noticing.

Early rounds of the FA Cup could double as pre-season friendlies for non-league/Tier 3/4 clubs.

A problem with solution 2 is that the Prem big 6 would probably want to make the split permanent.

I would also consider abolishing this season’s play-offs to save time, promoting an extra club by league placing instead.

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