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“He is ticking all the right boxes for me.”


And now for the answers provided by Michael:

How long have you supported Bolton Wanderers?

I’ve lived in Bolton since I was 5/6 and I’ve been going to games since 1990/91 season.

Where did you finish last season?

Last season is something I’d rather forget (23rd in the championship).

What do you think of your Manager?

I was unsure on the appointment of Keith Hill when it was made but he deserves a chance and so far, he is ticking all the right boxes for me.

What are your hopes and expectations for the 2019/20 season?

To start to rebuild from the previous ownership. Starting on -12 points and with possible further deductions to come relegation seems a cert.

One(s) to watch?

Ali Crawford put up a great display mid-week at Bristol, other than Ali I’d probably say Joe Dodoo who has looked dangerous in the couple appearances so far.

Which teams you think will finish in the top six?

The top 6 would be hard to predict in a league where anyone can beat anyone on a given day. I tipped Ipswich at the start to go up and I feel Sunderland appointing Phil Parkinson will give them an excellent chance of promotion also. Rotherham, Peterborough and Blackpool I’d also expect to be up there.

Which teams do you think will finish in the bottom three?

Well, Bolton and Southend United are going to struggle and I’m going to say Tranmere Rovers.

What are your thoughts on Lincoln City?

I’ve never really taken much notice of Lincoln so it’s hard to have any thoughts.

What do you think the score will be?

If we can carry on the improvement again despite having 10 injuries I think we could take all 3 points home with us. 2-1 Bolton win

Random fact about your Club?

The only club to gain promotion while under a transfer embargo.

If you could steal one Lincoln City player for your own team, who would it be and why?

As I don’t know a great deal about the Lincoln squad, I’m going to say our former player Cian Bolger. I watch a lot of our teams under 23s games and when Cian was at Bolton, he looked a promising centre back but never got a chance with our 1st team.

What are your proudest and most embarrassing moments as a Bolton Wanderers Supporter?

Most embarrassing has to be the saga over the summer with our former owner causing so many issues for the staff of the club and also putting former players and fans through so much pain.

A proud moment was when the club was taken over and everyone was given hope that we still had a club and could move on from the poor summer we had.

Who would you say is your most underrated player?

Remi Matthews. I’d seen Remi play a little bit before he joined Bolton. He made a couple of mistakes last season and struggled at the start of this season with a team of mainly kids in front of him, but more recently he has been showing how valuable he can be for us.

Do you have a Supporters Trust and what role do they play at the Club?

We do however it is very hit and miss with fans at the moment. Currently, I don’t think they are involved at the club, but they are trying to support the new owners and become involved.

Which was your favourite match involving Bolton Wanderers?

The best game I’ve attended must be the 4-3 playoff final win at Wembley v Reading. That game had everything.

Which was your least favourite match involving Bolton Wanderers?

5-0 loss to Stoke City at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final.

Do you have a Former Players Association at Bolton Wanderers?

I’m unsure.

What’s the best thing about Bolton?

The Football Club.

Do you have any memories of the FA Cup game shown live on TV when the likes of Stubbs & McAteer played us off the park?

Not this game you mention I don’t.

When do you think the demise started in earnest? When Big Sam left?

I think the problems started under big Sam. The club wasn’t managed well from the top and as time went on the bad decisions made caught up with us

As supporters how did you feel when the club called off the match against Doncaster earlier this season due to welfare concerns for your young players?

Can you expect a team of u18s and u23s to fulfil League One games Saturday/Tuesday/Saturday and get beat every week heavily? It’s unfair on the young lads and can’t be good for them. The FA say u18s shouldn’t play more than 1 game a week. It wasn’t an ideal situation for anyone.

Would your famous team 12 years ago do a better job than what you’ve got at the moment at their current ages?

The team we had 12 years ago most are probably approaching there 50s so I’d have to say no but we did have some cracking players back then.

Are you going to be punished for refusing to play games? Should you have been kicked out of the football league?

Only the EFL can answer question 1. It’s likely we will be punished but hopefully, that sort of situation is now in the past. I don’t think we should have been kicked out no. We proved funds and a takeover was close unlike at Bury.

Glad Parkinson has gone? How’s Jack Hobbs doing?

I feel for Phil he had a tough job at Bolton. He handled himself well in tough times. I wanted him to stay but after everything that went on, I feel him leaving may have been the best move. I would like to wish him all the best at Sunderland though.

Why are you called the Trotters?

This is something I’d never looked at until now.

According to Wikipedia, this is the reason given. The name was chosen as the club initially had a lot of difficulties finding a permanent ground to play on, having used three venues in its first four years of existence.

Burnley are an established Premier League team but have managed it without overspending and putting their future at risk. It’s possible so where and why did Bolton mess up big time?

Well, big Sam says he was refused funding to move us on to next level and then he left us. Poor managerial appointments cost Bolton in my opinion.

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