Date: 8th May 2019 at 9:24am
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Views from Sincilbanks following another incredible season supporting The Imps: “Thought Danny and Nicky built a squad perfectly in their own image.

Harder working than any other team, efficient, with massive attention to detail and a relentless will to win. Add in just enough of a sprinkle of magic to make a difference now and then in tight games and you have a squad built to win the title.

Make no mistake, titles at this level are rarely won because of a 30 goal a season striker or a fancy-dan winger skinning the full back 9 times a game. Titles are won with hard work at set pieces, even harder work at defending and even more of a crap-ton of running, pressing, tackling, last-ditch blocks and lung-busting desire to do everything necessary to get a result.

When the pressure was put on us being at the top by a variety of pretenders we saw them off one by one. All other teams at the top were capable of a sprint at different times, but only we had the endurance to start out at the front and still be there at the end leaving the rest panting and out of breath as we cruised over the line slowing up and looking over our shoulder to see who got the other places.”

To paraphrase Kyle Reese
“They can’t be intimidated, they can’t be outplayed. They don’t feel pity or remorse or fear and they absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until they have won.”

More views from 100% Imps:

PerthImp: “Relentless and did what we had to do when we needed to do it. But, good job we did it early. Three trophies in three years – can’t argue with that. The journey continues. Keep believing in Team Lincoln.”

Croozey: “A fantastic achievement. Seen some cracking goals this season. Nothing would surprise me now, with Danny and Nicky Cowley in charge.”

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