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GI: “Vickers made some superb one on one stops”

Image for GI: “Vickers made some superb one on one stops”

Views from Gaz_Imp after yesterday’s 1-0 victory against Northampton Town in League Two at the PTS Academy Stadium: “Very poor first twenty, the ball got in behind us far too easily and we made some bad decisions with the balk at the back. Didn’t get much better while first half but rallied a little 40-45th minute. Vickers made some superb one on one stops.

Second half we grab a goal, great ball from Eardley and Green could not miss. We then defended much better, Wharton stepping things up in particular. But they then get in at the end again, but once again Vickers did brilliantly.

Would argue they should have done better with some of their chances, Vickers stopped 5 one on ones, plus made 3 or 4 comfortable stops they should have done better with. Whereas I don’t think their keeper made a save.

We need to be much better, and I’m not sure about the formation at all. However, Green, Wharton, Eardley and Bostwick did enough to come out with some credit, and Vickers obviously outstanding. Feel the rest all need to do better, perhaps harsh on McCartan who worked hard, or we need a better system.”

More views from the Match Thread:

“First half awful, especially three CBs – very hesitant and suicidal occasionally. Vickers saved us a couple of times. Second half after Matt scored Northampton lost their way for a while but came on strong again in the last 10 mins. We sat back a bit too deep for my liking, but boy did we need Josh Vickers today. He definitely influenced the game enough for us to get all three points today. Despite my prediction, Northampton will be top half and some teams will get hammered by them. Crooks deserved the MoM for them and is a classy player if a little left-footed.”

Sincilbanks: “Just got back.

3 at the back didn’t work today, far too many simple balls that got in behind us. We didn’t play much football at all either but we finished the one golden chance we made, created by Eardley’s vision and delivery. Toffolo the only player really bombing forward to support the front 3.

Several players probably deserve to be handing their win bonus over to Josh this evening because he’s won it for us, no question because he made at least 3 one on ones and another fine double save in the first half.

Thought Northampton’s movement was excellent up front but when they went a goal down they reminded me of the Imps in days gone by, they just didn’t really seem to believe they were going to peg us back. Perhaps a result of all the defeats they suffered last year?

3 at the back, almost exclusively route one and a smash and grab 3 points, Keef would be smiling benevolently down from on high saying “That’s my boys…””

Thank you to Graham Burrell and Lincoln City Football Club for the photograph!

Posted by Vital Lincoln City on Monday, 6 August 2018

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