Date: 21st July 2020 at 3:25pm
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The Imps showed their 1-0 win at home against Macclesfield Town from May 2005 (League Two Play-Offs Semi-final 1st leg) on their YouTube Channel on Saturday afternoon. If you didn’t watch it, you can do so HERE.

This match was before Vital Lincoln City existed, so just after the rewind, I started a thread asking the members of Vital Lincoln City to post the 3 things they learned from the match.

Here’s what sedgleyimp said:

From the point of view of watching it 15 years ago rather than on Saturday:

1. Isn’t football great with supporters allowed in to join in and cajole the team forward? Watching some of the recent games in has been something of a soulless experience and that has been reflected in the standard of the performances on the pitch, which just haven’t been at the same intensity. You get a full house and it makes the day all that much more exciting. Remember that, 15 years ago we were averaging probably about 50% attending yet games were still exciting to be at and enjoy. That has been clearly missing and until grounds can be full again the game which we all love just isn’t quite the same.

2. What might have been with that team? Full of exciting players, many of whom would go on to have good careers at higher levels. A couple of weeks after this I and many supporters went to Cardiff in the expectation that this was going to be the time that we would get promoted, and with the players, we had we just might have been able to shoot through the next division and onto what is now our aim, The Championship. The Southend game should have been won. It wasn’t and really that was this teams chance.

3. That Gareth McAuley might just have a decent future in the game you know. Top class at both ends of the pitch. Shame he’s Irish so won’t be able to show it on a world stage!!!!!

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"Full of exciting players, many of whom would go on to have good careers at higher levels."…

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