Date: 2nd June 2008 at 7:26am
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You really were busy bees last months,
Impdom has spoken !

Will this close season produce quicker results on the transfer scene.
Poll date: 05 May 2008

Quicker additions than usual (84%)
Slower additions than usual (10%)
The same old same old as usual (6%)

Would City benefit from a Forrester coaching imput
Poll date: 15 May 2008

Yes (84%)
No (12%)
Don’t know (4%)

Are Lincoln still ‘poverty stricken’ in comparison to other L2 clubs?
Poll date: 20 May 2008

No (77%)
Who can know (12%)
Yes (11%)

Will the new season be accompanied by a return to an intimidating atmosphere at the Bank?
Poll date: 23 May 2008

Yes, with the Jacko Factor. (61%)
Not a snowflakes chance. (17%)
It won’t happen until standing comes back too! (16%)
Yes, When crowds come flocking back (3%)
Yes with the right signings. (3%)
Isn’t it already? (0%)

Will you join the Stacey-West Golden Oldies Chior next year?
Poll date: 26 May 2008

Yes (67%)
Don’t know, do you have to produce your bus pass? (18%)
no (15%)

Will tonights EGM decision presage a new upward thrust for LCFC
Poll date: 29 May 2008

Definitely (86%)
Definitely not (8%)
Definitely maybe, maybe not. (6%) ____________________________________________

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