Date: 6th August 2014 at 11:47pm
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Jamesimp: “I reckon a few too many people are getting a little bit too excited, we’ve made some decent signings but we weren’t front runners last season, we should do ok, probably top half, depends how soon Simmo gets them gelling, lets hope hes more positive this season and has a go at teams rather than trying to ‘keep what we’ve got’ and search for scraps, even at home.”

NottyImp: “Well, we shouldn’t be scrapping near the botton, but who knows? The players may not gel and 2-3 injuries could see us down to the bare bones.

My prediction (for what it’s worth, which is nothing): 12th”

Stevie_imp: “My pint pot is still half full. If Simmo gets them playing as a team, and with many players staying for this season, he should, then we are set for a reasonable year. Simmo seems to be a good scout and deal maker. Let’s hope he gets his tactics right on the pitch. Prediction top 10.”

Steve O’Dare: “What will be will be. As always hope springs eternal. Hope we do well. Hope the fans come and support the team. Hope we are all happy come May next year. Here’s hoping!”

Skip155: “Always start the season optimistically thinking it’s our year. Obviously got to be realistic but as Steve says hope reigns at this time of year. Bizarrely more worried about us defensively than I have been for a while – really want to see how those CBs do – one area I’m not too optimistic about. Also Miller and Newton had close to faultless seasons last season – hoping they can do that 2 seasons running. Big ask, class is permanent form is temporary but they were on form all season.”

Luke Imp: “Hoping that whoever ends up being more like back-up players are better than the ones we had last season.

For me we needed to improve on the ‘ok’ players like Farman, Gray, Sheridan and Jordan for example. I’ve not seen any pre-season games so it remains to be seen if we have apart from Townsend who I saw last year.

I think we’ll be around the same as last season. We were only a couple of minutes off finishing 11th in all fairness, which was respectable given the mid-season slump, but my prediction is around 8th-10th for this.”

Rasenseimp: “Reasonably confident – we should have our best season in this division yet – but it’s all about how the team gels and if we can put a run together, as ever.

That’s a big change from where I was about a week ago, so I can see why people are getting more optimistic.”

oldimpsfan: “I wish our Manager and his team every possible success for the forthcoming season but for the past 62 years I’ve had absolutely no idea as to how it will actually turn out when we take to the field and 2014 appears no different.”

PWould: “Likely to be in the top half, but unless we play out of our skin I can’t really see us threatening the playoffs. I think 10th is about right for the squad we have. Plenty of good midfield options, but a little concerned about who is going to score on a regular basis. Burrow and Tomlinson appear a bit lost at the moment, but this combination may spark again. the keeper is top notch and will save us plenty of points, but central defence is a concern. Very sound full back options particularly when Miller is fit, in fact arguably the best in our league. so a real mixed bag. If we play with real spirit we may be a big surprise and exceed expectations. However injuries to key players ( as already experiencing) and we may struggle to win enough games. I keep asking myself is the squad stronger than at the end of the season ?, and I am unsure. Time will tell and probably quickly. It would be nice to have some early momentum and get the crowd behind us at the Bank.”

SIMJON: “My main concern is the lack of cover/competition for Burrow, and our plan B if he gets injured or is having a poor game. I also agree that we may not score many, but then again we have lots more scoring threats in defence/midfield than we did last season, specifically Diagne, Ledsham and Bencherif.”

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